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Rangoon Creeper growing and care | Quisqualis indica

  Rangoon creeper (Quisqualis indica) is a normal flowering vine found in India. Which is quite long. It is not the thickness of the fabric. Its flowers are a white light scent in the beginning and gradually it pink, red, and in the end, it gets darker maroon. This plant has a whole summer is plenty blooms. This plant is required …

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How to Grow Portulaca grandiflora (Moss rose) Plants and care it

How to Grow Portulaca grandiflora (Moss rose) Plants and care it About Moss Rose: Portulaca grandiflora (Moss rose), is a flowering plant in the family Portulacaceae, native to Argentina, southern Brazil, and Uruguay and often cultivated in gardens. It has many common names, including rose moss, eleven o’clock, Mexican rose, moss rose, Vietnam Rose, the sun rose, rock rose, and …

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Growing  Aloe Vera herb plant | Easy tips and care

There are 250 species in the entire world, mostly native to Africa. You can very easily grow, Aloe Vera in your garden. It’s caring very simple.  Aloe Vera is a well-known succulent plant, which is often seen in every garden. In its leaves, a gel is found which has healing qualities, due to which it is grown all over as …

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