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Coca cola in the garden: General tips by Nature Bring

Coca cola in the garden: General tips by Nature Bring

Written by: Sarita Parashar                              Date: 23.05.2017

The coca cola is an excellent beverage and it is  one of the world’s best selling beverages product. People from all over the world drink it as a delicious drink, but you know it is also coca cola is use in the garden? Apart from garden coca cola  has lots of uses, it is used to clean the bikes spark plug and car engine, it can shine your toilets and tiles, clean old coins and jewelry.  The acidic nectar of Coca Cola manure is applied as a compost starter. Nature Bring  is giving some general tips how you use Coca Cola in the garden. Use of coca cola gets rid from slugs, snail, ant hills and cockroaches easily.

coccacola with slugs

Kill pests in your garden:

Coca-Cola has emerged as an effective pest controller for your garden. Many gardeners have been using it, nowadays for getting rid of munching slugs and snails. Indian farmers feel that this can be sprayed as cheap pesticide, many farmers are using it in cotton and pepper gardens. Take Coca Cola in a small bowl and place this bowl near your garden or flower beds. Its smell attracts the crawling bugs more and the acidity of the drink kills it.

Feed your plants:

If you have to give extra life to the flower plant then add Coca-Cola, it  is a surprising way. Especially useful with azaleas and gardenias, Adding a small amount of coca cola in the soil and it can deliver  nutrients your plants.

Puts of bugs:

You know there are many insects in the garden, which inadvertently harm you and your plants. The whole garden is full of bugs, but it is difficult to catch them.
If you keep the open cans of the Coca Cola used in your garden or near the window, the bugs are attracted to this cans. When they swing once, they can be easily caught.

Get rid from ant hill and cockroaches:

All types of insects get attracted to Coca Cola. These bugs generally love sweet things. They do not know  this sweet thing can destroy them. If it is sprayed on ant hills and cockroaches, you can easily get rid of them.

Safeguard in picnic  or outdoor : 

Apart from this, Coca Cola protects us from insects in many other ways. It also safeguard in a picnic or outdoor. Take out the Coca-Cola in a small bowl half hour before eating where you have been considered a picnic; keep the bowl away from your site, the worms will be attracted by it.

Use for Composting: 

You can use coke as a component in your compost heap. For this, pour the  soda on top of the pile only, due to the acidic nature of coke, it will help to break organic matter. Its sweet nature helps attract micro-organisms.

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  1. Thanks for this post, I saw in you-tube how Coca-Cola clean the toilet, but this time Coca-cola helping gardening.

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