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How to grow Irises flowers | Bearded Irises

The iris, which looks long, beautiful and in many magical colors, every gardener wants to grow these perennials in their garden. About 300 species of irises are found and you know these amazing flower plants grow very easily. Irises flowers attract hummingbirds and butterfly.  It contains the most popular long and Irises flowers. This will be the hottest presentation and attraction …

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French Beans growing and caring tips | Green Beans

Green beans french beans are also known as green beans. It is mainly native to South America, it spread to England outside the land of Europe in the sixteenth century. Some people say it was brought by the refugees during the reign of Elizabeth 1. Many species of french beans are available, which are for a variety of size, color, …

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11 Small Space Gardening Tips

11 Small Space Gardening Tips Written by: Sneha                  Date: 20/10/ 2016 Nowadays, people, have lack of land people live in cities.  A little information can prepare very nice small space garden. If you are fond of the garden so we refrain from greed on worry about the place. Here we give 11 small …

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