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Dimension to your garden by Hanging Basket

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Dimension to your garden by Hanging Basket

By: Sneha                                                       Date: 10/10/2016

Planting hanging baskets, flower pouches and containers
Hanging basket is a whole new dimension to your garden. By adding it to your garden can increase the beauty of your garden with. Hanging basket removes emptiness of wall and make corners greenery. Nowadays the hanging garden has become a custom. Hanging gardens of lots of advantages you don’t have a small garden wall, Porch or patio you can brighten. We give you some helpful tips and tricks here. You can grow fresh herbs indoor basket near the sunny window.

Think about hanging garden before you plant

Hanging baskets or container before you plant it can make sure you have a greenhouse. How you can protect plants from Frost. If you provide protection from frost, you can start hanging gardening. You can shift your plants in frost season; in the morning you keep your basket outside and frost time you keep inside. If the plants should be hardy there is no matter for frost season. You can plant hanging basket in September and October. You choose long-lasting perennial plants for the hanging garden.


What to plant

Here are some plants for summer hanging basket like ArgyranthemumLysimachia (creeping jenny), Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’, FuchsiaPelargonium (geraniums)LobeliaViola(pansies), PetuniaSalvia and Nicotiana (tobacco plants).

Winter hanging basket Buxus (Box)CrocusGaultheriaIris reticulata cultivars, Hedera (ivy) – either variegated or plain, Carex (ornamental sedge), Primula (primulas and polyanthus), Cyclamen (small-flowered cyclamen)Viola (winter pansies and viola) and Erica carnea (winter-flowering heathers).

Perennial hanging basket Buxus (Box)CordylineGaultheriaHedera (ivy), Carex (ornamental sedge) and Salvia officinalis‘Purpurascens’(purple-leaved sage).

How to plant a hanging garden

Several hanging baskets are available in the market. Made of solid plastic, wire, homemade or from the clay can be used any of the baskets. But keep in mind those small flowers plants use of hanging basket. Prepare any basket are same for winter and summer.

Mesh Hanging Basket

The traditional mesh-hanging basket is made from wires. These are not rusted so it flimsy plastic coated. Compost, soil, and plant engaged before putting in the basket liner require applying. For this, you can use a plastic sheet, tots or jute cloth. Cut it in the shape of a basket before applying.

Plants for hangers

You can grow all small plants as vegetables, fruits, flowering plants, shrubs fruits, and perennials. You are trying for tomatoes, dwarf beans, lettuce, shrubs, climbing rose, sweet peas, clematis, growing strawberries, many other fruits and vegetables you can grow. Use of hanging plants you prevent from slugs and snails.

Planting hanging basket

1.First, choose the appropriate location for hanging baskets. After baskets, you can use a plastic sheet and fibrous materials for the purpose, prepare the liner and felt it properly on the basket. You should cover thick layer (1.5 inches) of fiber.

2.Prepare the potting mix for a basket, 1 part of 1 part compost (slow release fertilizer) 1 part of the soil and prepare a mix of Cocopeat. If you need loamy soil also mix a little part of sand. You can use water-retaining granules to prevent drying out speedy. Read more.. http://naturebring.com/blog/the-perfect-potting-mix-recipe/


3.Fill the basket with this mixture. Use the compost in the bottom basket.


4.Insert a plant with care in a center of basket this can be used to create a structure and impact. Be careful to remove the polyethylene plant. These plants are in delicate growth. First, you lose the polyethylene through the holes to protect the plant, when it loses the position with the root ball resting you remove the polyethylene.


5.In the last, you water your hanging basket and stand out in a greenhouse. If you have no Green House, you put the plant in more Frost time and put it out in the morning.

What else is needed when you hang the basket?

  • Summer always watered because the soil is drying and damage the plant.
  • Winter basket keeps it always need the care moister. Keep the soil moist but not soggy.
  • Use liquid fertilizer in the time of spring and summer.
  • Regularly protect from Deadheads.


  • Use liquid fertilizer always.
  • Keep the soil moist but not soggy.
  • Common pests require the care of its snails, slugs, aphids and it not assaults. Disease plant such as Mildew, rust and corrosion, Pelargonium rust Fuchsia rust impatience may suffer.

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