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Easy way to make Besan Ladoo | Nature Bring

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Easy way to make Besan Ladoo | Nature Bring

Written by: Sneha                                Date:18/10/2017

Besan Ladoo is delicious in eating and can be made very easily. Most of the Indian festivals prefer Besan Ladoo, the most important thing is that the children like it very much. They are also safe for several days. This is the popular sweet of North India. Nature Bring Here are you sharing the easy way to make it.

Preparation time                  05 minutes

Cooking time                        30 minutes

Cuisine                                  Noth Indian

Serve                                     16 pieces

Ingredients for Besan Ladoo

Gram flour                           02 cups

Ghee                                      01 cup (200 gram)

Powdered  Sugar                 01 cup

Almond                                 25 grams

Cashew nut                          25grams

Cardamom powder            1/2 tsp

Pistachio                               For garnish

Saffron                                  5-7

Making Besan Ladoo

  • Chopped the cashews, almonds finely. Cut the pistachios into thin slices. Put cashews, almonds in a separate bowl and place the pistachios in a separate bowl.
  • Mix the gram flour well in a plate so that there is no lump in it.
  • Now heat the pan, add ghee to it, but save some ghee, it will use later. Put the gram flour (Besan) in it and fry 6-7 minutes in medium flame.
  • Now reduce the flame and fry the gram flour, and fry till it starts appearing golden brown, while its nice aroma will also spread. It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete the entire process, depending on the thickness of the pan. Keep this in mind and keep stirring continuously. If you stop stirring, the gram flour will start burning on the surface.
  • Now add the mixture to the chopped cashew nuts and almonds. Take down the pan and keep stirring, because the pan is hot, Gram flour can burn from the bottom.
  • Turn it over on a plate and leave it to cool slightly, when the lukewarm becomes warm, add sugar powder according to the amount written above. Then add 1/2 tsp cardamom powder in it, and mix well with palms.
  • After mixing well, make it round-rounded ladoo with the help of both palms. Try to shape round with the help of palms.
  • If you are not able to make the balls of Ladoo by hand, then you can also put a new shape by putting it in the mold of a vessel.
  • Take your Besan ladoo ready. You can enjoy it for several days.


To make Ladoo granular and tasty, add a little bit of granular gram flour in the fine gram flour, Ladoo will become more delicious.

Before removing the gram flour from the flame, add light spraying of water to it. Ladoo will become granular.

Serving Ideas:

Besan ladoo can serve you with dried namkeen and another dessert.

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