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How to get rid Whiteflies an organic way: Nature brings

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How to get rid Whiteflies an organic way: Nature brings

 Written by: Sneha                                                Date:28.06.2017

 What are Whiteflies?

 Whiteflies are a plant-sucking insects, which usually found in Indoor plants, Vegetable, and greenhouse plants. There are so many chemicals available on the market to control it lightly, but you can get rid of these small insects in an organic way too. Whiteflies are also known as Aleyrodidae. Sap-sucking insects mostly live in a dense crowd under the leaves. When the plants are severely affected by these insects, these insects start flying in the air with their wings. Whiteflies damage the plant by sucking the juice from the development of a new plant. With the effect of these insects, the leaves of the plant become yellow, the plant weak and the growth is affected, due to which the yield in the plant decreases.


Scientific name                    Aleyrodoidea

Common name                    Whiteflies

Plants                                    Ornamental plants and summer vegetables

Affected plants:

It is usually common insects in the greenhouse. Whiteflies mostly suck the ornamental plants and summer vegetables. These insects attack more in Okra, Tomato, Eggplant, and Peppers etc. However, they also like sweet potatoes and cabbage family plants.

Life cycle:

Whiteflies are found in greenhouses or indoor plants mostly in cold weather, sometimes they are also visible in the garden. These are serious outdoor insects, there is no effect of cold. Adult whiteflies hide under the leaves and feed them there. In the spring, flies females give 200-400 eggs in the lower part of the leaves. Whiteflies come out of the egg in 5-10 days, which is called crawler. After this, the nymphal stages do not move beyond 2,3,4. Young adults repeat these processes and increase their family. Its adult can live for one to two months. Find out more.

How to Control whiteflies:

  • There are several ways to avoid infection, but if there are some care and protection before infection, it can get rid of a great extent. In the morning and evening when you roam in the garden, observe your plant, their eggs are the leaves. So check the well behind the leaves.
  • The simplest and easiest solution is to pour water from the force through your watering hose so that the whiteflies and its eggs start to be destroyed with a sharp edge, which is due to their scatter. (Apart from this, mealybugs, aphids, and many other small insects will also flow from the water).
  • Many pesticide soaps are available in the market. Mix it with water and spray it 2 to 3 times a week. When spraying, keep in mind that the temperature is cold; if you spray in more hot temperatures then your plants will burn. Do the spray even under the leaves, because on this the eggs of these insects are hidden. In our previous post (mealybugs) it is told how you will prepare this mixture.
  • If you want to prepare this mixture at home, it is very easy. According to the National Gardening Association, the liquid dish soap, with the Palmolive lemon or the above mixture, is effective to control the whiteflies.
  • Neem oil spray also relieves this infection. Using the prepared mixture, it will end all its eggs, larva and adults flies. Its spray is not harmful in fruits and vegetables too. Be sure to spray it under the leaves because their eggs develop here. See how to prepare spray.
  • There are many such natural predators that benefit the plant. Ladybugs and lacing larvae are some insects that feed their eggs, which destroy nymphs and pupae. Use these insects to get the best results when their quantity is low or medium. Try to attract Hummingbirds to your garden, it is also a natural predator who eats dragonflies and damselflies and mosquitoes.
  • Even after all this, if you are not able to control it, then use the handheld vacuum for a few days continuously. This will definitely get rid of nymphs and larvae.
  • When the presence of a natural predator in your garden, chemical pesticides should be avoided, using them will destroy natural predators and pollinating insects.

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