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How to grow Adenium | The highlight of your garden

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How to grow Adenium | The highlight of your garden

know about Adenium
 Adenium is the genus of flowering plants in the Apocynum family; it is native to the Arabian Peninsula. it’s also known as Desert Rose. Adenium is a succulent plant. They are mostly found in Taiwan, India, Thailand, Arabia, Vietnam, Philippines, and in Africa, but nowadays it is easily found in many countries. Nature Bring is telling you, how to grow adenium in your garden.


This plant is in the container, but it also in the garden. It is a slow growing plant, but it remains alive for long. Its flowers are attractive, and bottle shape stem makes them desirable to the garden. Its shrubs are particularly attractive. There were red, white and pink flowers. Its flowers bloom for a few weeks in the spring season.   Its branches are thick and fleshy. Usually, its leaves are oval size.

It is usually an outdoor plant.  There are many species found in the world. It is a particular species with a length of about 15 feet is found.  It is a humid tropical climate to flourish in the plant; the plant does not need much care. If you want to kill this plant you do over watering or put it in the low temperature. This plant is poisonous, so it should be a place where children and pets can’t contact.


How to grow desert rose

The plants need for growing well-prepared soil. You can make it own 1 part of Coir peat, 1 part of the soil and 1 part of perlite, and mix a small part of sand. Or you can buy from the market and mix sand. If it put in the container, first you a layer fill small pieces of stone in the bottom small, it will support for water extraction well, otherwise plant will cause root rot.


Desert Rose can be grown easily in any container. But it made from Chinese soil is better because when caudex expands the pot will break.  You can also use clay containers but you must keep in mind that clay pots dry out much faster than plastic. You can use bonsai pots for the desert rose; it is suitable because of its wide size. In the desired shapes you can repot the plant. Read more.



Desert Rose plants 2-3 years beginning requires more fertilizer make rapid growth. Since its development, its required 2 times a week soluble fertilizer and when the plant is young you should give the less amount of soluble fertilizer.


Need a fair amount of water for the plant. The amount of water is depending on the temperature of the atmosphere and the quality of the soil. In summer days, it should be enough water and could less water in cold. If the container full of water, you should proper drainage arrangement, otherwise plants root rot is possible.


Desert rose Like direct sunlight and fresh air, but if you live in the temperature below 40 degrees, you properly take care of the desert rose. They are placed in a shade, the plants don’t grow, as well as its flowers even full-blown. Protect it from direct sunlight otherwise the adenium newly exposed (caudex) will suffer.


Adenium plant is developing at high temperatures. The ideal temperature for 30-35 degrees Celsius is considered. If night temperature remains constant at 10 degrees so it is passive and dries, and temperatures below 10 degrees it dies.


Pruning is necessary if right care into the spring season it helps to grow the plant. Usually to shape of plant its pruning and trimming must. Should also remove unnecessary branches this plant growth is good.

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