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How to grow strawberries in container | Easy tips by Nature Bring

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How to grow strawberries in container | Easy tips by Nature Bring

Growing Strawberries: Nature Bring

Written By:  Sneha                                               Date: 08.03.2017

About Strawberries:

Seeing red strawberries I wish it did we find it? But looking at the small space seem impossible, but you can also grow strawberries in a container. Strawberries have shallow roots. This is why it is easy to grow indoors and outdoors. You can enjoy grow it easily in terrace, patio or in your garden where you want, even inside the house near the sunny part. Strawberries need sunlight for at least 8 hours. If you have not enough sunlight coming in the window, you can resort to artificial light. It is essential to get the right result, you choose the right plants. When you choose the plant to see it, plant completely healthy and virus-free.  http://naturebring.com/


Scientific name                    fragaria  ananassa

Common name                    Strawberry

Plant type                            Fruit

Sun required                        full sun

Soil                                         Slightly acidic to natural

Soil pH                                   5.5-6.8

Zone                                       3-10

strawberry-plant 2


  • You can make purchases strawberry plant nursery close by you. Well, you could be developed by the seeds. When buying plants from nurseries to see that the plant is healthy or not.
  • large containers (18 inches) is better for strawberries plant. The drainage hole in the container check that before planting a sapling, it is very necessary. However Strawberries can grow in any containers, but it requires full sun light and good soil.
  • Though its roots are shallow, it is good for large containers, large containers when they produce runners for that additional space is needed. Potting Mix 2/3 fill your container.
  • Fill water in the soil and water so that the bottom may be exciting. Create 5 -6 mounds of soil, 1 inch in height. The distance between the mound of 6 inches, runners is enough to move around.
  • Then remove the plant from the nursery container shifted to bring it.

* Large-scale fruiting strawberries should be planted in the second month of summer. Alpine strawberries should be planted in the second and third months of spring. Planting of perpetual strawberries is better than autumn/fall planting instead of winter, this healthy root system helps in being installed.


The best container for strawberries :

The use of such containers for strawberries, which you tend to shallow root plants. These containers are well drainage hole. These small plants have shallow roots. Also, do not touch the fruit of the soil, which decreases the risk of bacterial and fungal diseases. The pot you easily can move from one location to another location. For strawberries clay pot, plastic, ceramic or wood can be used. Due to the lightweight plastic pot is easy to shift. the pot of soil is required to carefully shift because it is afraid of breaking. Ceramic pot is too heavy. Strawberries You can use any pot. Drainage holes in it are well aware of it. http://naturebring.com/

Strawberries care : 

  • Compost helps retain moisture, plant water when the soil dries out.
  • Take care when watering, because the moisture in the leaf can cause fungal disease, the fruit may be spoiling.
  • To encourage the flower to fruit, keep the container in a sunny part of terrace, patio or garden. It helps in ripening fruit.
  • Strawberries grow the fruit, then support by wood chips or straw, he came into contact with compost can be messy.
  • Put the cloth or mesh over the container so as not to damage the fruit reached the birds.
  • When the fruits get stops, then turn the center and young leaves aside and cutting. Runners should be removed.
  • In the winter greenhouse or polytunnel, the container may shift.


Strawberries balanced fertilizer once a month should be. But note that overfeeding can cause damage to the plant, they are most sensitive. If you feel like that are growing more leaves and not much fruits, cut off you add fertilizer.

Strawberries from seeds:

  • Although most people plants by purchasing it from the nursery, it can also be planted by seeds. For this, you can buy seeds from the nursery or the seed shop.
  • Fill the container with the potting for the seedling. 18 inches container is better for strawberries plant.
  • In the soil, do 1.4-inch hole with a finger and the gap between the holes is 6 inches apart.
  • Place 3 seeds in each hole. Some people use tweezers to pick up seed from the packets.
  • Cover the seeds with a light hand, do not put too much pressure in the soil because it can compact. It may have to fight for seed germination.
  • After planting the seed, cover the container with a plastic sheet. This helps in keeping the soil in the moisture, making seed germination easier.
  • Place the container in the sunny space. Strawberries will benefit from hot spots. During the winter, you can use the radiator or another heat source. Water the Seeds, but do not wet. Regularly check if the soil is dry.
  • When the germination of the seeds appeared, remove the plastics sheet. But check regularly because the soil dries very fast after the plastic sheet is removed.

Pests and diseases:

When the strawberries are cooked, the slug damages it. Organic mulches encourage slugs. Therefore, where plastic is very useful in the slugs problem. The biggest disadvantage is to send it to the bird, to avoid them, use the trap on the plant. Apart from this, it also damages gray mold, mildew, Japanese beetle, spider mites etc.


  • Fruits are ready after 4 to 6 weeks after blossoming.
  • After the crop gets mature, it becomes completely red. Choose fruit every third day.
    Do not pull the berry, cut it carefully.
  • Store the unwashed berries in the refrigerator for 3 to 5 days. Frozen can store it for two months.

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