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How to grow Tomato | Easy tips to care

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How to grow Tomato | Easy tips to care

About Tomatoes:

The tomato is the edible, red fruit of Solanum Lycopersicum, commonly known as a tomato plant. Usually, the tomato plant is a small shrub, with a length of 100 cm or 3 feet usually. Several species of tomato are found in the vine; the length of the vine is approx 6 feet Tomatoes branches are covered with small white hairs. Tomato is used as a vegetable its good effects in your health. tomato health benefits have an incredible effect on your health. Below are implementing a Nature Bring in detail.

Tomato plants developed anywhere even slightly warm or damp environments. if you have enough sun light and enough water, you can grow it easily, and engaged in your patio to enjoy the red-red tomatoes. The summer season’s tomatoes grow rapidly; it’s easy to take care.  If you want to take the natural taste of the tomatoes you took your garden itself can develop homegrown tomato seeds you use organic compost.


Botanical Name                         Lycopersicon esculentum

Plant                                           Vegetable

Sun exposure                             full sun

Soil type                                      Loamy

Soil PH                                        Acidic

Zone                                            2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

Watering                                    Daily watering


Tomatoes are also an excellent source vitamin C, biotin, molybdenum and vitamin K. They are also a very good source of copper, potassium, manganese, dietary fiber, vitamin A (in the form of beta-carotene), vitamin B6, vitamin E, and phosphorus.


How to grow tomato


If you want to grow tomatoes in your garden that it is very easy. tomato plant developed with a little care. You can buy tomato plant from can nearest nursery or you can develop it by seed already developed plant is easy to implants. Whenever you bring a large-sized plant that can die after planting. If you want to develop by the seeds so you keep it seeding tray in planting and keep it in shade. Planting the seeds cold it should before the start, and when the plant gets a little developed than its implants. You must plant the seeds it should before starting cold. Spring season is a good time of the implants.

Tomato plant requires full sun In addition to the dry soil. Tomato plants also require at least 6 hours sunlight. If afternoon sun much faster you can put your container placed in the shade for a few hours. That helps plants thrive and flourish. Tomato planting soil mix before you implant. learn. http://naturebring.com/blog/the-perfect-potting-mix-recipe/. Spring season is suitable for transplantation. Well according to the soil and atmosphere of your area to transplant.


Use daily watering for a tomato plant. To give so much water tomato plant that 3 to 5-inch wet ground.  Moisture while its roots do not rot.  Regular watering is necessary for the summer season.  A few weeks after the transplant you must cover the roots with mulch.  This moisture in his roots remains. And its roots not rot.


Too much fertilizer on a tomato plant that is required. Tomato plant transplants a week ago of fertilizer should be used. Tomatoes plants required especially phosphorus so that tomatoes are well flourished and thrived. Use formula that appears on any compost refers to the percentage 5-3-4 (5%, 3%, 4%). It means 5% nitrogen, 3% phosphorous and 4% potassium. Nitrogen and potassium are important for plant development. Refrain from giving more nitrogen in the plant. If you want to taste natural flavor of tomatoes use organic seeds and fertilizer. Organic means it has no quantity of chemical. It is beneficial to your health.



Keep in mind tomato plant it can delve deeper in a container and hold soil well. When you put the plant plants leaves are out of the soil. If you plant in deeper plant directly and fast developing in direction of sun. For development and support of plant, you can put cage or wood strips around the plant.


You keep the tomatoes in a long time in vines. If tomatoes are completely ripe you choose it and put in a paper bag to store in the cool and dark area. Ripe tomatoes the sun light do not keep close to the Windows.

 Ending the season:

After ending the season with winds falling below the plant. You can fertilize your plant and the soil, but don’t reuse the soil for next year.

Pests / Diseases:

Tomato production needed to be careful. You see immediately a disease or pest treatment as soon as this is a quick process. Otherwise, you may damage the crops.  Seek a lot of tomato plant pest damage. These are the main insect’s aphids, cutworms, flea beetles and white flies.

Fungal disease :

Late Blight is a fungal disease. It may occur in any part of the plant. The disease primarily occurs in the cold. On this sick leaves are Brown and gray color spots that, destroy the plant illness immediately.

If the soil is fungi then vessels are entered from the young roots, and when you are watering the plant vessels that move water to the roots and stems of the plant.

Mosaic virus :

Mosaic virus when invaded, this tomato plant tomato leaves distorted. These cause Yellow color and variegated foliage. Destroy the infected plants immediately.


when Tomato growth is faster the skin comes to crack. This is usually caused by water or detects unusual weather. So you need to be always in the tomato plant moisture with consistent watering and mulching.

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