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Use tea bags and make your gardens healthy | Tea Bags in the Garden

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Use Tea Bags and boost your gardens | Tea Bags in the Garden

Written by: Sneha                                    Date: 10/09/2017

We all start the morning with your tea every day and throw the tea bags we use. Do you know the tea bags that you throw off have a beneficial effect in your garden? The use of tea bags can boost your garden, but with some precautions. After the use of bags, moisture leaves of tea are added to the bin of the soils, from which the pile of manure is decomposed very fast. Nature Bring is giving you information on how to use tea bags for the development of the Garden.

Keep in mind while using Tea Bags

Whatever tea bag you use, you put it in a compost pile directly, or you put it directly around the plant, but before using it, examine its bag, whether the bag is compatible or not. There are also some bags that are made of polypropylene and are not decomposed. The easiest way to know this type of bag is to slip on touching such bags and its edges are sealed by heat. If you want to add these types of bags to manure, then cut off the bag and put the leaves in the pile. The amount of tea bag used is reduced, then you can also incorporate the tea leaf used in your home in a compost pile. See more.

1. To stop plant infections

Put the tea bags in a bucket full of water, then you can use this water to avoid fungal infections in your plant. Optionally open up the used tea bags and sprinkle them on the leaves, place them on the around the base of a plant, It feeds the soil.

2. Natural Fertilizer

You can add tea bags directly to your compost pile, it helps in boosting nutrients. But before adding it. Must definitely remove metal staples attached to it. Tannin is a natural fertilizer when the Tea bag reaches the contact of the soil, the tannin and other nutrients also reach the soil. It gives strength to the new production of the plant.

3. Decomposition of compost

Tea bags are used to increase the decomposition of the item. If you use tea bags in compost piles, then this acid accelerates the decomposition process in the compost bin. This means that the compost will be ready faster.

4. Reduce the waste

Reusing it, the garbage of your house would also be less and the plants would have greenery. In the US, approximately 1,300 pounds of garbage is born every year. You can use this waste to contribute to your garden. Put a bin in your house and put all the organic waste in the house. This will enrich your garden. Find it more.

5. Acid lover plants

If some tea leaves around acid lover plants like tomatoes and roses, it will have beneficial effects on plants. Open the tea bag and use it in the pots of your plant, it reduces the pH level of the soil and increases the acidity of the soil in a commendable manner.

6. Keeps bugs away

The use of tea bags around the plant helps to remove the bugs. Its smell prevents the insects from coming near. It can also save you from losses caused by mice.

7. Insects eat tea leaves

Insects found in soil or compost can safely consume tea leaves, after digesting these leaves, they produce more nutritious fertilizers. By which the soil of the plant becomes healthy.  According to Veggie Gardner.

 8. Tea bags help keep moisture

Tea bags are useful in keeping the plant healthy and maintaining more moisture. For this, press and hold these bags at the base around the roots of plants, flowers, and vegetables. Tea bags help keep moisture. When you bury the tea bag in your garden, it hinders the growth of weeds, which reduces work in your garden. The tea bag enhances organic matter and maintains the structure of the soil by increasing the oxygen level.

 9. Boost Rose plant

Rose plants love tea leaves very much. For this, you open Tea bags and sprinkle on it, you will see the amazing effect.

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