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Water Lotus planting and health benefits

About Lotus:

Lotus is the symbol of purity, beauty, wealth, richness, majesty, grace, fertility, knowledge and serenity. Lotus is the national flower of India. Nelumbo nucifera is known by a number of common names, including Sacred lotus, Indian lotus and Sacred water-lily. Lotus is found in pink or white color in general lotus grows in muddy or in dirty water. There are over 100 species of lotus. This species can’t tolerant cold so they grow in a warm weather with bright sunlight. Nature Bring: A water garden is a great way to spots your garden.

Lotus floats on a water surface with the help of their floating leaves and have a long stem which contains air spaces to buoyancy. The leaves are sometimes, and Lotus flowers always, raised above the water surface. The plant has its roots firmly in the mud and sends out long stems to which their leaves are attached. Lotus can easily see in India. The climate range of lotus is from India to China which good weather for lotus. The Lotus plant is an aquatic perennial, native to southern Asia and Australia and most commonly cultivated in water garden. The plants can be grown from seeds or tubers, but seeds will not produce a flower the first year while they develop into tubers.

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How to grow Lotus plant

  • Scar the seeds with the pointed tip of the seed down to one layer using a standard metal file.
  • Place the seeds into a glass of warm water.
  • The seeds that float should be thrown away since they are probably not fertile and will only cloud up the water. Change the water every day while you are waiting for them to sprout.
  • Once you see the Lotus roots emerge, put them in a (15 to 20 liter) pots filled with good garden soil take black container for this because its absorption of heat with this the seeds temperature remains warm.
  • If you waited too long and the Lotus leaves started to grow, keep them free of soil as you cover the root. Growth should start after four or five days of soaking, but you will need to wait a few more days until the seedling is at least 6 in. (15.24 cm) long before transferring.
  • Fill your pot with dense soil.The ideal soil is about two parts clay and one part river sand. Fill the pot with about 6 in. (15.24 cm) of this potting medium.
  • Gently press the seeds into top layer in the soil.
  • Lotuses started from seeds will probably not bloom in the first year.


Health benefits of Lotus and its side effects

Lotus root has a wide range of health benefits owing to its rich nutritional composition, and some of the benefits include its ability to improve digestion, control cholesterol, lower blood pressure,  prevent cancer, boost the immune systems, balances mood and relieves depression, increases circulation, and maintain proper enzymatic activity in the body.

The lotus root  is a long, woody object that attaches to the bottom of the pad and can stretch up to 4 feet.  It is frequently used as a vegetable in Asian cuisines within soups, or it can be deep-fried, stir-fried, braised, and other interesting ways of cooking this healthy food.


Cure diseases:

  • Lotus stops diarrhea.
  • Lotus solve the problem of inflammation.
  • The oil of lotus helps in producing more melanin in the body and thus help in combating the problem of grey hair. The lotus hair rinse makes the hair shiny and bouncy, adding life to dull and brittle hair.
  • The stem of lotus contains vitamin C which helps to regulate the blood.
  • Drinking lotus tea acts as a stress buster and helps in easing the tensed mind and frayed nerves.
  • In lotus some sebum (waxy substance) that can cause acne breakouts when it builds up and clogs your skins pores.
  • he good amounts of minerals, vitamins and particularly phosphorus in lotus supply the body with the requisite nutrients to keep the bones healthy and strong.
  • The lotus seed Grinding with honey, to control cough and cold.
  • lotus leaves contain L-carotene that boosts metabolism and provides energy to the body, using up the body fat and hence not allowing it to settle in the body.
  • Its cure cancer also.

Lotus dosage:

The appropriate dose of lotus depends on several factors such as the user’s age, health, and several other conditions. At this time there is not enough scientific information to determine an appropriate range of doses for lotus. Keep in mind that natural products are not always necessarily safe and dosages can be important. Be sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your pharmacist or physician or other health care professional before using.

Side effects:

Diabetes: Lotus control lower blood sugar levels in some people. you can use lotus as a herbal medicine to Watch for signs of low blood sugar and monitor your blood sugar.

Surgery: Lotus might lower blood sugar level. There is concern that taking lotus as a medicine might interfere with sugar control during and after surgical procedures. Stop that at least 2 weeks.

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  1. Lotus could help in getting high metabolism, it results in reducing fat and reduces cough and mucus

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