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November, 2014

  • 24 November

    How to grow Vegetables in pot | Best Vegetable for container gardening


    Vegetables in Pots Growing vegetables in pots are possible but there are some that grow easily and produce heavily in containers. The productivity of a small garden also improves when you utilize vertical space. Using a trellis to provide support to trailing plants and vines always helps.  Read more. Best vegetable for containers 1. Tomatoes Growing tomatoes in containers are very easy, for …

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  • 24 November

    How to make your own Potting Soil | The Perfect Potting mix Recipe

    Potting Soil

    Potting Soil Learn How to make your own Potting soil, The Perfect Potting mix Recipe in this article. Perfect potting soil well-prepared garden soil is great for growing things in the ground but when it comes to growing things in containers, soil, as you know it needs to be changed. Soils for containers need to be well aerated and well …

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August, 2014

  • 24 August

    How to grow Rangoon Creeper | Growing Madhumalti | Quisqualis indica

    Rangoon Creeper

    Rangoon creeper (Quisqualis indica ) Learn How to grow Rangoon Creeper, Growing Madhumalti,  Rangoon Creeper care, at home it is very easy. It is a color changing flowering vines in the tropical areas, which can go up to a height of about 20 feet. Madhumalti is a fast and aggressive vine that spreads rapidly with root suckers. It requires support to …

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  • 24 August

    How to Grow Portulaca grandiflora | Moss rose plants propagation and care

    Portulaca grandiflora

    Portulaca grandiflora, Moss rose Plants  How to grow Portulaca grandiflora, Moss rose is a flowering plant in the family Portulacaceae, native to Argentina, southern Brazil, and Uruguay and often cultivated in gardens. It has many common names, including rose moss, eleven o’clock, Mexican rose, moss rose, Vietnam Rose, the sun rose, rock rose, and moss-rose purslane. Read more. Classification Scientific name    …

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  • 24 August

    How to grow Aloe Vera | Growing Aloe Vera plant in pots | Aloe Vera plants

    Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera Aloe Vera is a well-known succulent plant, which is often seen in every garden. In its leaves, a gel is found which has healing qualities, due to which it is grown all over as a major medicinal plant.  Learn How to grow Aloe Vera, Growing Aloe Vera plant in pots, Aloe Vera Care and more about this plant. There are 250 species …

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July, 2014

  • 24 July

    How to Propagate Roses with Potatoes | Growing Rose cuttings

    Rose cuttings

    Growing Rose cuttings Learn How to Propagate Roses with Potatoes, Growing Rose cuttings and more about propagation. If you want to develop new plants from your favorite plants, then this is the best option, which any newbie gardener can do easily. In the year you can take a cutting, but you will get better success in the cooler season. Potatoes …

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June, 2014

  • 24 June

    How to make your own Kitchen garden | Kitchen gardens for beginners

    Kitchen garden

    Kitchen garden The Kitchen garden is a good way to use your free time, in which you make your patio garden and also do physical exercise. At present, kitchen gardens have become very common, especially housewives and old people who prefer to spend their time. Learn How to make your kitchen garden, Vegetable for your Kitchen garden, How Much to Water …

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