How to make Beautiful Plant Hangers | Nature Bring

How to make Beautiful Plant Hangers | Nature Bring

How to make Beautiful Plant Hangers | Nature Bring

You can see variegated types of hanging planters made from jute and rope. These plant hangers make your indoor garden beautiful. Though this craft is easy to find in the market or you can easily create a short attempt, at the same well you also use your free time, Here some of the pictures are showing, you can make it easily sometime later. You can learn it easily on our website and make beautiful plant hangers itself. See more

Black and White Nylon String hangers:

Black and white hanger are made from Nylon String (color nylon rope, picture 02). You can also make this basket from jute also. Jute is natural plant fiber and it’s eco-friendly also. You can display your favorite hanging plant, and make your garden graceful.

hanging bosket7

hanging bosket4

hanging bosket8

hanging bosket2

hanging bosket9

Materials required:

  • Recycled containers, jars, bottles, Bowls or yogurt cups.
  • Plants like succulent, Hanging indoor plant, Pothos plant etc.
  • Nylon String or Rope.
  • Potting Soil
  • Scissors
  • Steel rings
  • Beads (Black and Yellow )

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