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10 Charming DIY Birdhouse | plans and ideas | Nature Bring


10 Charming DIY Birdhouse, making them very easy and they are cheap also, nature bring has brought to you the idea and plans. Bird’s Living and twitter in the garden makes your garden Lively and attractive. The Birdhouse is also beneficial for you because some birds such as Bluebirds, Chickadees, and Nighthawks eliminate pests that harm your garden. Paste found in plants like moths, bugs, caterpillars, etc. These birds eat.  In addition, they make the work done in your garden easily. I have also made some such arrangements in my garden by making birdhouses.


01. A simple Birdhouse

This birdhouse is the basic style of the house,  that can make any carpenter very easily and if you have tools you can make yourself at home. It can fit in any tree or house wall. By painting and design it, you can create a new attraction. If you are considering the idea of building a birdhouse in your garden, then this is an ideal design. You can construct this birdhouse with two pieces of wood. There is no curved cutting or hard design in it.  see tutorials.


02. Small and lovely Bird house

Creating birdhouses is a fun plan, which will attract you and your children. If you are asked to make small and lovely birdhouses in your garden, then you will love this style. This will welcome the little birds in your backyard, and their tumult will make you romantic. See tutorials.


03. The Bluebird Birdhouse

The construction of bluebird birdhouses is also a fun project. People often build Blue Birdhouses in the field, where Blunders are actually enjoying nesting on their property, attach it to your fence, stay here and stay in your long root. It’s very easy to make,  see tutorials.


04. Clay pot DIY Birdhouse

This birdhouse is small, which is suitable for hanging in a vegetation. It is very easy to make and you can prepare it in just a few steps. Then you can paint it according to the style of your garden and hang it in the appropriate place. The difficult thing to do is to the entrance hole, but with caution, it will be easy. Watch for the tutorial.


05. Coffee can DIY Birdhouse

Making this Bird House is quite easy, the cost is also very low. For this, you can use home-made coffee containers and scrap wood. There is also a better way to use scrap wood. For this, you just clean the can after the emptying. This is a fascinating project for children. After making it you will paint attractive in accordance to your garden. Look forward.


06. A fun plan DIY Birdhouse

This is a fun plan to build a Bird House. It is quite attractive and gives a new look to your garden. There are some criteria for making this that you have to follow. For this, you use a wood like softwood (pine, pine, redwood). Use plywood to cover the roof and to the outer part.  For tutorials.


07. Sparrows DIY Birdhouse

Sparrows are submissive birds, they often make a nest under the eaves of the houses, and modern homes do not like it. These birds are getting extinct faster. In the effort to save this, campaigns are also being run in many places, in such a situation if you are going to build a birdhouse for this, then this is a strong plan. This is quite attractive. Since 1979, the number of sparrows has declined by 50%. See in detail.


08. Modern DIY Birdhouse

It is easy to make this and the most interesting thing is that the things used in it are available nearby. This is a simple design, in which a pair of angles is added to the modern look. See in detail.


09. Green roof Birdhouse

Green roof birdhouses this is an excellent project. These roofed birdhouses are cool for birds, it is the perfect decision in the summer. It is quite easy to build this green birdhouse. For this, you can choose to put grass, dry, moss or other small plants on the roof. See in detail.


10. Easy wren houses Birdhouse

This easy wren house is an easy project for your fellow birds. It is also small and quite attractive, wrens are small birds and it is suitable for them. You can make it with a light wood like pine, you can paint it out to make it attractive. View.

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