Best Container for your plants  | Best Containers | Planters | Garden pots

Best Container for your plants  | Best Containers | Planters | Garden pots

Best container for your plants

Best Container for your plants, Best Containers, Planter, Garden pots, plastic planters, containers drainage systems and more about garden planters. A complete garden will be only when it has good flowers, plants, tree waterfall, and containers. We plant flowers, plants, and trees, but we have a lot of problems in the selection of pots. In case of selection of containers, you need to be creative. Any old style, colors and the manner of presenting it will make you different from others.  Three things are important when selecting containers. 1. Container size 2 Drainage system of the container and 3rd materials used in the container. When selecting the container, keep in mind that if the size of the container according to the size of the plant, there are enough holes for drainage water, and the materials used in the container are light in weight. Nature Bring is sharing the entire information related to the container selection with you.

Container Drainage systems

The container’s drainage system means to be correct, water goes out of the container, If the container is not properly,  holes in the surface then the water will log in the Garden pots and due to continuous wetting, the root of the plant will rot. If the container is not the correct in size, then the root of the plant will get less space to spread and the root will become bound,  Lack of oxygen and not enough moisture in the soil,  and finally the tree will dry up, or will not produce. If your container is bigger than the plant will spend all its energy on developing the roots. According to the West Virginia University Extension Service, the 8-inch deep and 6-inch width container are sufficient for the shallow roots of the plants, in which you can grow with shallow root plants such as herb plants, lettuce, and pepper. In a large container, you can grow tomatoes, beans, pumpkins, bottle gourds, and cucumbers etc.  Find it more.

*Choose the Garden pots for your plants that according to the plant’s length. The length of the plant should be about 1/3 container length. The length of the plant is measured from the surface of the soil till the last leaf of the plant), the choice of this type of container will give better results to your plant.

Types of Container

Different planters are available in the market, according to the different plant size and environment. But if you know this, you can buy a better pot as per your requirement.

1. Terracotta containers

Terracotta pots are quite popular in the olden times because at that time there were not so many options available. Although people like pottery today, they are the main reason why they are ideal for larger plants because they are very attractive, porous nature and are considered to be the best of cacti, ferns, orchids, and succulents.  Plants get moisture in these pots when it gets wet, it gets dry quickly and the plant remains healthy. But there is some negative point with it, they are heavy in weight and break down quickly. They are also difficult to clean.

2. Plastic containers

Currently, the most popular containers are plastic containers. The main reason for this is that it is light in weight, available in attractive colors and shapes. It is most suitable for hanging baskets. It is quite easy to clean and maintain. Its biggest advantage is that it does not absorb moisture in the soil. Plants in plastic planters often do not require water. Although it is strong, it can break in harsh winter weather.

3. Concrete Garden Pots

We all know about concrete that looks good but are heavy. They are ideal for larger plants because they require more support and a strong base. These are more durable than all the containers. Before using these Garden pots, the choice of the proper place is necessary so that it can be avoided to the hassle of later shifting. These pots have good insulating properties, which keep the tender root system safe and keep the soil environment as well. The best thing about this planters is that it can leave it out in winter, so that you can get rid of the problem of doing it indoor.

4. Wooden containers

The presence of wood in the garden, it looks natural and looks good. Wooden containers and half barrel containers are great and capable of extracting many of your plants, although they begin to end after an age, then it is difficult to repair them. The good thing about these containers is that they are light in weight and keep the presence of water. Containers made of redwood and cedar are much better. Be sure to check the timber while taking the Garden pots, because of many wood spreads and contracts after use.  Containers made of pine or softwood are also good, but before use, you paint it with non-toxic colors.

5. Glazed ceramic planters

The ceramic planters are endless, there is no suitable container for the wonderful color style and garden decoration. They tolerate hardy colds but are expensive compared to other containers. Apart from this, many places also use metal made containers nowadays. The biggest drawback is that they become very hot in the sunlight and damage the roots of the plant.

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