How to grow Gazania annual Plant | Growing Gazania seeds indoors

How to grow Gazania annual Plant | Growing Gazania seeds indoors

Gazania plant 

Know How to grow Gazania Plant, Growing Gazania seeds indoors care, gazania varieties, and more in this article. Gazania flower is an annual plant with very little maintenance. They are native to South African, from the Daisy Asteraceae family genus gazania. It is a clumping perennial and comes in orange, yellow, pink, white, and deep red in the colors of bright flowers. Gazania flower blossoms in the summer and them attraction of butterflies. gazanias are popular houseplant, you can roam it outside the house, in the rugs, patio, and containers.

Gazanias are usually grown in the form of annual or, evergreen perennials. Approximately Daisy is like seeing and sunlight likes plants will be closed due to the lack of heat. Its flowers are white, pink, red, yellow, or orange and leaves are green in color.


Overview of Gazania plants

Scientific name             Lamprocapnos spectabilis

Common name              Gazania

Plant type                     Flower

Sun requires                  Full Sun

Blooming time               Spring-early summer

Flower colors           White, Pink, red, orange, yellow,

Soil                              Sandy Well-drained soil

Soil pH                         5.5-7.0

Zone                             4-10

Gazania plant in containers

How to grow Gazania plant

Soil and Location

Gazanias tolerate many types of soil conditions but perform best in sandy and well-drained soils. Gazania flower needs full sun presence to bloom.


Gazania plant is grown easily from seeds. You can sow your seeds directly in your garden after passing all the risks of frost. 6-8 weeks before the last frost you can start it even at home.


Keep moisture in the soils for these plants, but do not soggy the soil. Allow the soil to dry after giving water. From overwatering, there may be rotten or other fungal diseases in the roots. Water the plants in the container once a week, or water after drying the medium. Read more.


It is better to fertilize after annual pruning. Put a balanced granulated fertilizer around 10-10-10 of the same type of plant and then water it in the soil. These plants can tolerate soil with less fertility, and while do not do well in excess of fertilizer. It also does not require fertilizer in the garden soil, but in the growing season give a small amount of fertilizer to encourage development.


In the early spring, you can start Gazania by seeds. Gazania plant easily propagates with potting soil and moist seeds. In warmer climate areas you can propagation by dividing the plant.

Growing Gazania seeds indoors

  • You can sow its seeds 6-8 weeks from the last frost indoor.
  • Apply seed about 1 inch deep in a growing mixer and covered with mild soil, keep the soil moist in uniformly. Place it in approximately 70-85 degrees F You will get sprouting within approx 7-14 days.
  • After germination, you place it on a sunny window where it can get plenty of light, you can also keep it in artificial fluorescent light.
  • When plants grow approximately 4-5 inches, you can increase the light.
  • Once the plants develop slightly, you transplant into a 4-5 inch large pot, when a pair of right leaves develop in the plant.
  • When the plant’s roots are well developed then transplant it in a big pot or in the garden.

gazania flower

Gazanias care

  • Avoid applying it in very heavy soils, planting in mild soil will give you better results.
    After planting, give water to keep Gazania moist, as long as you do not see new growth.
  • If you want to encourage the flowers for a long period, you should pinch the fade flowers with your fingertips.
  • Give the annual compost balanced granulated fertilizer 10-10-10 immediately after pruning and start the second season. Read more.

Gazanias varieties

Depending on the variety of colors and color signs, you can identify its type.


These are compact and fast-growing plants and go up to 8 to 10 inches high. There is variety in the colors of its flowers.


Flowers of these varieties are in orange, yellow, pink, white, and bicolours, and its flowers are about 4 “. There are deep red or brown rings around yellow centers.


These type plants are low hight (6 to 8 “), its flowers are floral and yellow, pink, orange, white, and red.

Talent Mix

Gazania flower is white, yellow, pink, and orange colors, with different silky leaves and plants are compact. Read more.

Insect and disease of gazanias

In most areas, the Gazania plant is free of pests or diseases. There are some problems that cause due to excessive water depletion and edema problems. Problems like Powdery mildew, botrytis, downy mildew, and leaf spots are due to excessive humidity and humid climate. The possibility of attacks on weaker plants is high.

Aphids, Mealybugs, spider mites, etc. are some common insects that can bother them, but can get rid of the infection and control them. Generally, they can get rid of many problems by improving air circulation, giving plants water carefully.

Keep the plants away from crowded areas and more water and sick plants, these plants are more prone to attracting pests. Read more.

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