9 ways to make use of Banana Peels in the Garden | Nature Bring

9 ways to make use of Banana Peels in the Garden | Nature Bring

Banana peels in the garden

All of us throw the peel after eating all the banana peels, but do you know how useful is the banana peel for the garden? Do you know that potassium, phosphorus, and calcium are found in very large amounts in the banana peel? Banana is used in almost every house and we put the peel in the dustbin. If you add it to your garden then it is a type of free fertilizer. Banana peel is a nutrient that is a boon for almost every plant. In this post, Here are 9 ways to make use of banana peels in the garden  Banana Peels Tea, Natural Pest control, Add the banana peels directly to the ground, Dry fertilizer banana peels, Banana peels as a compost, banana peels to polish your houseplants, Banana Peel on a backboard, Banana Vinegar, Simple insect trap.

Full of Nutrients 

Banana peels are rich in nutrients; it is necessary for any healthy plant. Its peel contains nutrients such as potassium nitrogen, phosphorus, and magnesium, which together with the soil add slow-release fertilizer.

Banana Peels Tea

1.Banana Peels Tea

Just as the Banana peels tea is used to make the plant rich in mineral, the making pills, in the same way, are also used to increase the nutrients. To make tea with banana peels, leave it in a jar full of water for 48 hours. After about 2 days remove this peel and throw it away, and give as usual water to the plants with the help of cans.

 2. Banana peels Natural Pest control

Banana Peels acts like a natural pest control; it is quite beneficial in the control of aphids. If you only throw the peel in your garden around, it is enough to stop aphids. And if you want to use it systematically, then you should use tea made of the peel. For this, spray the tea made with 5 parts water and 1 part banana peel in a spray bottle.

3. Banana peels as a Dry fertilizer

You can use Banana Peels as a dry fertilizer. If you have a lot of peels and want to use it effectively in your garden, then it is a good choice for opposing chemicals. Dry the collected banana peel in the sun, Then you grind these peels with the help of the grinder. You can add this powder directly to the soil or sprinkle it. Some people use the powder made from the banana peel in the planting hole at the time of seeding. It helps with germination and avoids burning the roots like a chemical. Find it more. 

4. Banana peels as a compost

The use of banana peels as compost is the easiest and most profitable. For this, all you have to do is put the collected peels in the heap of manure. It has a lot of sources of nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, and magnesium; these nutrients make your compost powers.
If you have Vermicompost in your compost and you put the peels in your compost, eat worms peels and divide them into small pieces and present them as worm castings.

Banana peels

5. Add the banana peels directly to the ground

Chop the banana peel and add it directly to the soil of your garden, since there are so many nutrients present in it. Do the small pieces of peels and bury them 4 inches in the soil. When the banana peel is melted after some time and gets mixed in the soil,  As a result, all its nutrients are also found in the soil. When you plant vegetables in this garden, their roots get valuable vitamins and minerals, which causes plant health.

6. Banana peels to polish your houseplants

You can use banana peels to polish your houseplants. Clean the dust or debris from the soft fleshy part of the peel to the houseplant, so that your plant looks healthy and beautiful. It is useful for indoor plants, such as croton, ficus, calanthes, palms, etc.

7. Banana Peel on a backboard

Use banana peels to grow plants such as Staghorn, Elkhorn, Orchid. For this, you can support the entire banana peel between the stem of the plant or by the backboard. The peel will gradually decay and when it rains or water the plant it will release nutrients.

8. Banana Vinegar

You can also use banana vinegar to keep the plant healthy. This is beneficial for blueberry plants. Boil peels to make vinegar. Remove the peels after about 1 week. Leave the water to be stable. Cover this mixture for 4 to 6 weeks, it depends on the temperature. After some time the sharp aroma shows that the vinegar is ready. If vinegar looks more powerful then get water into it, otherwise, it will burn the tree.

9. Simple insect trap

You can make a simple insect trap with peels and Apple Vinegar. If there is a problem with bees in your garden and you are trying to use a chemical pesticide, then you should use this organic trap. Divide it into small pieces of banana peels and mix it with vinegar. Make a large hole in plastic containers. Insert the mixture into this container. Keep this container out in your garden.

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