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Wood Ash in

How to use Wood Ash in the garden | Nature Bring

Wood Ash

Learn How to use Wood Ash in the garden, The compost should be made in any way, it is an essential aspect of the health of the plant. It is a plant’s food which causes the plant to grow and flourish. The compost can be of any kind, it is granulated, liquid form or in powder form. The methods of making it are different too. When wood burns it becomes converted into coal and ash. Most of us do not know the extent to which the ash affects the garden.

You can use ash as a fertilizer, which contains potassium (potash), which is an important nutrient for the plant. Potassium regulates the water balance in the plant. Wood ash contributes significantly to making food transport, sugars and starch. With its decrease, vegetables are weak and infected with pests. Nature Bring is telling you how to use wood ash in the garden.

Wood Ash

Wood ash is an Excellent source of potassium and lime

You know, wood ash is an excellent source of potassium and lime. By using ashes in the garden, you can develop many such elements that help in plant growth. Wood Ash is alkaline, so it is possible to substitute normal limestone ground. The ash produced in the house is not a relatively standardized product. Hardwood ash produces more ash. There are more nutrients than homemade manure. The best use of wood ash is done with compost or by scattering it lightly.

Wood Ash

Directly adding in the soil

This is also used for pest control. There is a quantity of salt in wood ash, which gives you rid of snails, slugs, and many soft-bodied insects. To use it, just sprinkle it around the plant, but if the ash gets wet, then the amount of salt in it ends, in such a situation you will sprinkle the ashes, it is an effective insect controller. Increasing ash feeds reduces acidity in the soil. Therefore, some places require you to be careful because it hurts for acid – bearing plant. Do not use it for acid-loving plants such as Azaleas, Gardenias, and blueberries. Find it more.

* Use of wood ash is most suitable for plants tolerating alkaline conditions.

Add wood ash in manure Heap

Adding the presence of ash to manure heap, it connects the nutrients to the plants for fertilization, which is essential for the plant. But if you have a lot of ash, do not add it at one time, because it becomes alkaline, due to its properties pH level will rise and it will affect the worms and bacteria. It would be better if you sprinkle like a surface in the compost heap. If your compost heap contains too much acidic waste such as fruit waste, wood will help to balance it.

In what situations use ash

  • You can mix ash in a compost heap directly.
  • It is most commonly used in ornamental plants and vegetables, which prefer alkaline soil. Sprinkle the ash using plants around the plants. Do not use it in Fruit Garden because fruits also prefer a little acidic soil.
  • 6.5 pH level is very much like the vegetables, so be sure to test the soil before adding it.

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Wood Ash

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