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Unique Flowers

09 Unique Flowers for amateur Garden | unusual plants

Unique Flowers

Know the growing condition of 09 Unique Flowers for amateur Garden, Unusual plants in this article. here are some plants whose flowers enhance the beauty of your garden and they qualify for these Unique Flowers. They are different from normal flowers. Many amateur people are looking for rare items, they want to add unusual plants to their garden. These unique flowers will make you enjoy growing. Most of these unusual plants are tropical, in which you can plant sunlight and shadow. We are telling you about some such unique flowers here.

Unique Flowers

01.Crown Imperial

Crown imperial (Fritillaria imperialis) is a striking display of flowers and blooms in red, yellow, or orange colors and bell-shaped clusters blooms. Crown Imperial bulb is native to Turkey, Western Iran, and the hilly areas of Kashmir in the east. These plants make an impressive crown, in which a 3-foot-long pedestal comes out of the plant, with a crown. Flowers bloom in these plants from late spring and become dormant in summer. These are low-maintenance flowers and are perennial in USDA hardiness zones 5–9. Read more.

Unique Flowers

2.Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise Flower is also called Strelitzia. It is native to South Africa and is the genus of five species of perennial plants. It is a tropical plant and grows in the forest of Strelitzia Regina with hot and humid conditions. These are wild plants and go up to five feet high and grow well in USDA plant hardiness zones 9 to 11. Bird’s Flowers like full sun to partial shade in the rich soil, they prefer acidic soil. Read more.

Unique Flowers

3. Sundew

Drosera, Flowers, commonly known as The unique flower sundews, has at least 194 species and is one of the non-vegetarian genera of carnivorous plants. These plants use their mucous glands and lure and eat insects. Insects think It is a real flower by dewdrops which keeps shining on the small stem. They look like drops of nectar, and the insects get attracted towards it. But when insects go on them, the insects get stuck in these sticky droplets.

Unique Flowers

4. Himalayan Poppy

Blue Himalayan Poppy, also called Blue Poppy. It is a beautiful perennial plant. Due to its specific growing requirements, it is difficult to grow in every garden. Himalayan Poppy prefers quiet, humid conditions, it flourishes well in dry and loose soil. If you provide the above situation in your garden, then you can enjoy these perennial flowers.

Himalayan Blue Poppies produce an attractive and intense sky-blue flower. In China, it can be longer than 6 feet in its original location, but at other places, it is approximately 20 to 28 inches long. There is a good option to display on the border. In many places, they do not bloom in the first season, and in winter their foliage dies, but you should expect to bloom in the second year. You can plant this poppy in USDA zone 3 to 8.  Read more.

Unique Flowers

5. Skullcap

These are Annuals, Perennials plants and can well good performance and tolerate alkaline soil. You can plant these in full sun or partial shade. Its flowers are long, tubular and blooming clumps. These perennial plants are compatible with USDA zones 8–11. These are dark purple-blue flowers and bloom heavily in June till the frost. Read more.

Unique Flowers

6. Silk Tree

The Silk Tree (Albizia julibrissin) is special because of its feathery leaves and delicate flowers. These tropical plants are native to Asia and adapt to areas 6 to 9 of the American agricultural hardiness zone. These plants blossom silk flowers from the mature trees in summer, look like pink feathers. In the autumn there are long and flat seed pods in these plants. The height of these trees ranges from 20 to 35 feet and the flowers are delicate, silk-like, and fragrant. Read more.

Unique Flowers

7. Titan arum

Amorphophallus titanum is a unique plant, also known as titan arum. It is the world’s largest inflorescence. Its smell is like a rotting corpse. It is also called a corpse flower. The inflorescence height of Amorphophallus titanum can be up to 10 feet. Titan Aram grows in Indonesia’s Sumatra’s equatorial rain forest.  Read more.

Unique Flowers

8. Pitcher plants

Pitcher plants are actually native to parts of the United States. These rare exotic plants are found in parts of Mississippi and Louisiana, where the soil is poor. These are non-vegetarian plants and they have fleshy funnel or tubes used for hunting these pests and small animals. It is common to grow these plants in the form of indoor plants, but if you want to grow out then information is necessary.  Pitcher plants are tolerant to the American agricultural hardness zone 6 to 9 areas and are exceptionally friendly in many areas.

Unique Flowers

9. Batik Bearded Iris

Iris looks long, beautiful, and in many magical colors. About 300 species of irises are found and you know these amazing flower plants grow very easily. Hummingbirds and butterflies love iris flowers. It contains the most popular long and Irises flowers. This beautiful flower has 3 distinct petals, which are called fall. This flower has 3 inner straight petals, called standard. False can be beards or crests. Its flowers come in colors like Blue, Multicolor, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink, and White. Read more.

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Unique Flowers

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