9 Houseplants you can totally neglect | Low maintenance Houseplant

9 Houseplants you can totally neglect | Low maintenance Houseplant

Easy care indoor plants 

Houseplants you can totally neglect | Low maintenance houseplant | Easy care indoor plants. We are giving information about 6 such houseplants in our article, which you can totally neglect. However, every houseplant requires proper care – but there are some low-maintenance plants that you can be sure of. It is good for those who like to plant but are careless. We have prepared a list of Easy care indoor plants here.  There are many houseplants such as Pothos, Snake plant, Chinese evergreen, Aloe Vera, Palm, etc. which keep the greenery in your house with low maintenance.


01.Snake plant

Snake plants are perennials and go up to eight inches – 12 feet high. Like their tongue, long leaves are almost two feet. These dark green leaves have white and yellow stripes. It grows and survives in inappropriate conditions. Snake plants or mother-in-law’s tongue is a popular houseplant with the least care. The height of its leaves ranges from one to eight feet. It is also easy to apply for the novice gardener. Low maintenance houseplant requires very little care. Read more.


02. Aloe Vera

There are 250 species in the entire world, mostly native to Africa. You can very easily grow, Aloe Vera in your garden. It’s easy care indoor plants very simple and beautiful, it is easy to develop in the container in the house. If this plant is cared for, it can survive for many years. Aloe Vera is a well-known succulent plant, which is often seen in every garden. In its leaves, a gel is found which has healing qualities, due to which it is grown all over as a major medicinal plant.


03. Begonia

Begonia houseplant is a genus of perennial flowering houseplant from the Begoniaceae Family. Its different species are known approximately 1795. Begonia is native to tropical and subtropical and humid weather. Begonia plant originally belongs to southern Asia, Africa, South America, and Central America, tropical moist areas and these plants require high humidity. More species of the Begonia are rhizome or the or tuberous categories.

Begonia is a beautiful easy care indoor plants, suitable for planting your hanging baskets, terrace gardens, and patio. In most of its species, fruits are capsules in size. The leaves are large, marked by different types of bizarre and usually odd. Read more.


04. Monstera deliciosa

They are herbs or evergreen vines growing to heights of 20 meters in trees, climbing by means of airtel roots that act as hooks over branches; these roots will also grow into the soil to help support the plant. The leaves are alternate, leathery, dark green, very large. Monstera deliciosa is native to Mexico and Central America. Due to large and perforated leaves of this plant, they are popular houseplants.
These plants are less tolerant of ideal conditions and tolerate dry air, indirect light. You can plant outdoor in the US Department of Agriculture hardiness zones 10–12.


05. Dracaena

Dracaena is a wonderful looking plant. Its yellow-green leaves create good contrast effects against the wall structure and give a sense of a living wall. It is a tropical plant that is easily recognizable due to its attractive leaves. These plants are easy to develop in both high and low light and can absorb unhygienic forms such as formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene. Dracaena is a popular decorative home plant. These are very slow growing plants, its leaves are yellow-red-green for straps. The care of Dracaena is easy care indoor plants, and it is not affected by almost any kind of insects. It survives sunlight very well and tolerates shadow.


06. Chinese Evergreen houseplant

Chinese Evergreen is popular because of its attractive leaves, these plants do well under low light conditions and indirect sunlight. It can tolerate conditions lower than its ideal conditions. They like the temperature below the indoor temperature (14-degree centigrade). Proper care does not require too much effort, but overwatering can cause root rot.


07. Palms

Palms tolerates very well in the summer. This is the favorite plant of homes from Victorian times, which still has the pride of houses, parlors, and offices.  Cooler hardy palms (parlors, china palm, and kentia palms) are the most popular indoor palms. These Palms tolerate night temperatures below 50 degrees F. Most of the trees is tolerant of shade. Parlors, China, and kentia palms prefer partial shade and they have trouble with direct sunlight. While the pygmy date and Washington’s palm tolerate more light easily. Read more.


08. Bird’s Nest Fern

The central part of this plant resembles a bird’s nest so that it is known as Bird’s Nest Fern plant. People also call it crow’s nest fern or mother fern. This plant is found native to temperate regions of East Asia and grows in tree trunks and dark forests in temperate regions of East Asia. The plant is popular for ornamental house plants in the United States and Europe. Bird’s Nest Fern can tolerate drying soil, it does not require the same level of humidity, which is why it is a popular houseplant. You can grow this plant easily and do not require care like other ferns.


09. Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Zamioculcas zamiifolia is a rhizome plant that performs better indoors. These are slow-growing plants, these plants should be avoided in direct sunlight. ZZ plant tolerates low light, bright light, and different levels of water. The stem of this plant produces some stems with leaves, its leaves are fleshy and grow in a couple. Its trunk grows upward.

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