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Winter vegetable

Growing winter vegetable | You can plant in October | Vegetables at home

Winter vegetable

Winter vegetable, the month of October is considered to be the best for planting vegetable at home. At this time the crop is cut and your fields are empty. I believe that you do not let go of it in vain, and enjoy plenty of winter vegetable. Nature Bring is telling you about some similar winter vegetables, which you can plant in October,  enjoy winter vegetables like garlic, shallots, lettuce, cabbage, kale and spinach. 

If you have a shortage of space then do not worry, you can grow your vegetable at home on a patio or container. With this, you can get organic vegetable at home with physical exercise. If you live in a very cold area, then you use the greenhouse.

Keep in mind that whatever crops you plant in October are being applied for more winter, as it is a fall crop so do not expect to be over. If you do a bit of protection in the winter, then you will get a great harvest in the next spring and summer.

Winter vegetable

1. Garlic

If you grow garlic in October then you will get healthy, strong and big bulbs in late spring. Many gardeners plant garlic in the spring and cut in late summer or fall. In fact, garlic grows well in the cold. If you cannot grow it before the end of October then wait until planting spring. You can put the garlic in a container very easily or on the ground, it receives approximately 8 hours of sunlight per day. So if you put it in a pot, then take care of this. Garlic plants like moisture, but drainage is good and rich soil, so before planting it, mix the compost in the soil. When its leaves dry or become brown, understand your garlic is ready for harvesting. After some days when Garlic gets dried Then we can eat, cook or plant some more cloves to get more Garlic.  Read more

Winter vegetable

2. Best Winter vegetable  Spinach

The spinach is a winter vegetable, it is a leafy vegetable whose leaves come in large size. If you use spinach in the month of October, it will germinate within a month, and leaves will appear in it. Spinach may survive over winter in temperate regions. It is a hardy vegetable to grow in the early spring. Spinach plants prefer full sun, although they produce satisfactorily in partial shadows too. The spinach is well developed in the presence of organic manure and well-drained soil. This 6.5 – 7 pH soil is suitable and production twice in a year.

The gourmet condition of spinach and lettuce are almost the same. When you put seeds of it in the ground early in the spring when the soil starts doing its job. Although you can grow it even inside the house, its implant is a bit difficult. For this, choose a place where there is dry clay with direct sunlight. Place seeds at depths of 1 to 11/2inch, cover them with soil slightly above the seeds.  Read more.

Winter vegetable

3. Kale

Kale is Hardy winter vegetable that is a part of the Cauliflower family. It grows in most spring and winter. People use blacks for salads or garnishes. It also has many health benefits. Kale is rich in minerals and vitamins A and C. Kale can grow any time from early spring to early summer. If you plant late summer, then you can harvest it in the fall, till the ground does not freeze in the winter. Well-drained and light soil is best for this. Place its seeds of 1/2 to 1/4 in depth. Its plants require water on a regular basis. When the leaves of kale become equal to the hand, then it is ready for harvesting. Find it more.

Winter vegetable

4. Shallots

Shallots like garlic can also be well planted in the fall. Make shallots plants 2 weeks before the spring, it will grow larger and it will be ready soon. Before growing it, amendment the garden bed with compost like garlic. For this, the choice of space is also important because it requires well-drained soil with direct sunlight. Neutral soil pH for shallots is the best. These are not as cold hardy as garlic, so if you live in Zone 4 or less then you may have trouble. Both Garlic and Shallots are shallow root, so to avoid worst winter you can defend by laying a good layer of mulch. In Zone 5-6 you plant shallots around October 15. Place the bulbs about 6 inches apart and with a depth of 2 to 3 inches. Shallow roots prefer well-drained soil. Moist soils are enemies of the shallow root. If the land is too soggy, then Shallots will start rotting.  Read more.

Winter vegetable

5. Mache

This is actually a green salad, but it is not widely known to the people. It is very good in the cold season. Even if your ground contains less than 10 hours of light, it also develops well. It grows wild in many areas and is known for its common name of corn salad. October is the perfect time for the match. It grows better at 65 degrees in the daytime.

Winter vegetable

6. Lettuce

Lettuce is actually insects and diseases free winter vegetable, so you can produce more with less care. You can develop a Lettuce in three sessions in spring, summer, and fall. Lettuce likes cooler temperatures, so it is better to increase it in early spring or winter. I think it is a better winter vegetable at home. Lettuce grows well in partial shade, but in the cold season, the full sun tolerates. Lettuce can give place anywhere, it grows very well in a small place. Many people plant it in their own vegetable gardens near beans and cucumbers. You can grow it very well in containers. Lettuce likes Humus soil, fertilize after 3 weeks of transplanting, which has plenty of compost and nitrogen, or you use a slow-release fertilizer.

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Winter vegetable


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