Direct Sow Vegetables in the Garden | sowing seeds directly

Direct Sow Vegetables in the Garden | sowing seeds directly

Direct Sow Vegetables in the Garden

Direct Sow Vegetables in the Garden | sowing seeds directly. It is also very easy to start a plant from seed and you can save a lot of money. There are many people who find it difficult to start seeds indoors, very few people have greenhouses available. But this does not mean that you cannot grow vegetables. Here we are talking about such vegetables, you can grow it directly in the garden.

There are some popular vegetables that should not be transplanted. This is due to its weak root system. Such vegetables start in one place and end at the same. Spinach, beets, carrots, squash radishes, and pea plants are examples of this. It is good to start with some quick-sprouting vegetables, for example, beans, peas, beets, gourds, and turnips.

But keep in mind that you should use high-quality seeds in direct sowing. It is more dangerous than direct sowing methods, it can cause damage due to bad weather. The introduction of weeds can also be suffered. You can also get its fruits in the season and at the end of the season, you can also collect seeds. However, planting directly in the garden requires you to wait longer for the fruit.

sowing seeds directly

Green beans (French beans)

French beans are easier to grow than other crops and can face dry conditions. Despite not having a good crop, they maintain the reproductive capacity of the soil due to the nitrogen formed on the roots. These are tender vegetables and great for any vegetable garden because it can be grown in several seasons. It is dependable and easy to cultivate.

French beans are sown directly in the ground, it should be planted before the last spring frost. It should not be planted much earlier. Otherwise, it would rot in soil cool and moist soil.

If you want to sow early, cover the ground with black polyethylene, the soil should be warm. Seeds usually 1 to 2 inches deep and approx 4 inches apart and should be 24 inches between rows. The ideal position is full sun, well-drained soil, moderately fertile, and slightly acidic soil (pH 6.0-7.0) to produce.

Direct Sow Vegetables | sowing seeds directly


With a little care, you can grow it in your own patio or garden. This is a wonderful crop of spring.   You can sow its seeds directly in hot climatic zones in your own gardens.

These plants need warm, fertile soil  Cucumber requires heat and lots of sunlight, so select the place where the full sun is present.  You can plant it in late spring, at which time the soil gets a chance to warm up. Plant several seeds at once to ensure good pollination and adequate flowering. It is a tropical vegetable and sowing seeds directly in hot weather and plenty of water.

Direct Sow Vegetables | sowing seeds directly


Carrot is a hardy plant, so you can sow it anytime from late May to late July.  Daucus carota is very easy in direct sowing in the garden or containers. If you want productivity in the abundance of root crops, then you need to prepare especially soil for planting. Loosen the soil of the garden or bed where you want to plant it. Root crop grows rapidly in loose soil and remains moisture constant. Much acid is not good in the soil for root crops. Before fertilization, add fertilizer like urea. For this, the optimum pH of the soil is 6 to 6.5.  Read more.

Direct Sow Vegetables | sowing seeds directly


Beetroot is a cool-season and fast-growing vegetable.  You can sow seeds directly in the garden and leave the plants to grow for about 6-8 weeks. You can harvest beets roots between midsummer and late fall.  Plant seeds 1/ 1-2 inches deep and 2 inches apart in the row. Sowing seeds directly when keeping the soil moist, so it’s germination well. The Early crop planted in March or April, and to take late crops June to September ever also. Read more.

Direct Sow Vegetables | sowing seeds directly


Chickpeas are an annual cold season crop, it takes about 100 or more days to mature. The best time to sow is spring or slightly earlier average frost. It is a long-growing crop; so it is suitable for areas with cold to hot temperatures.

It is an annual cool-season crop, it requires 100 or more days to mature. These plants are frost tolerant, requiring a longer growing season. It is good to sowing seeds directly 2 -3 weeks before the average last frost in spring.

Like most beans, it should have its eye downwards when planting, seeds about 1-2 “deep and about 4-6” apart and sown approximately 24 inches between rows.

Direct Sow Vegetables | sowing seeds directly


Ladyfinger seeds you can grow 3 to 4 weeks before the last spring frost. This complete indoor in full sunlight, it can be grown easily by seeds.  The seeds are hard to accelerate the germination of seeds in warm water overnight Immerse. It’s seeded directly into your garden you can also before spring frost.

Fertile Sandy Loam soil is good for okra.  The soil you are using should be easily broken, it should be completely dry and well-drained.  Read more.

Direct Sow Vegetables | sowing seeds directly


The spinach is a winter season’s vegetable, it is a leafy vegetable whose leaves come in large size. Spinach plants prefer full sun, although they produce satisfactorily in partial shadows too. you can direct sowing it seeds in the garden. You cultivate spinach twice a year, then place it in the spring 4 to 6 weeks before the final frost, or 6 to 8 weeks before the first frost in the fall. Keep the distance between the plant 12 inches apart, which can give the leaves enough space to reach the full size.  Read more.

sowing seeds directly


If your environment remains warm for a long time, then you can also grow this vine direct in the garden. For the cold weather places, select other varieties of plants, which mature quickly.

Sow directly when the temperature is 70 degrees F. Place the seed in-depth with an inch, add 6 seeds per hill. Hills  4 to 6 feet apart or I foot apart in rows 5 feet apart. Sandy and loamy are perfectly dry soil suitable for melon, the soil pH 6 to 6.8 is ideal. read more.

Direct Sow Vegetables | sowing seeds directly

Green peas

Peas plant is an annuity; the life cycle is 1 year. It is a cool-season crop and grown many parts of the world. The use of immature peas like vegetables, it is also used as fresh, frozen, and canned.

Fall is the best time to start planting peas the moment you start it as soon as possible. Add compost and mulch to the soil before the fair. Peas are sown indoors in a peat pot. Spray wood ashes to the soil well before planting peas.  If you want to grow seeds directly in the ground prepare a month before the last frost.

The weekly intervals in the spring grow different varieties. When separately or crop will mature at different times so it would be shocking.

Direct Sow Vegetables | sowing seeds directly

Ridge Gourd

You can grow this vegetable with the appropriate water system throughout the year. By the way, the most suitable time for Planting is for Rain-fed Crop is before the Monsoon.

To grow Ridge Gourds from the seed, you should amend the soil on your site, which is full of organic matter. You spread a 2-inch thick layer of organic compost in the soil, it works in the soil at a depth of 6 to 8 inches. 6.5 -7.0 soil pH is suitable for it or neutral to slightly alkaline.

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Direct Sow Vegetables | sowing seeds directly