How to grow Okra plant | Growing Okra in a pot | lady finger vegetable planting

How to grow Okra plant | Growing Okra in a pot | lady finger vegetable planting

Okra (lady finger)

Learn How to grow Okra plant, Growing Okra in a pot, lady finger planting and care, Pests and diseases, and more about this vegetable.  Okra or okro, known in many English-speaking countries as ladies’ fingers, ochro or gumbo, is a flowering plant in the mallow family. It is valued for its edible green seed pods.

The plant and its seed pods are also known as “lady’s fingers”. It is a perennial plant, the okra is growing annually in tropical and warm temperate climates.  Okra plant is about 2 meters tall. The leaves are 10 to 20 centimeters long and are broad in size, its flowers 4 to 5 centimeters in diameter? The flowers have five petals, with yellow-white holding. Okra is the Pentagonal cross-section length. Many seeds are inside the fruit. Ladyfinger is native to Africa and its fruits are fibrous.

Okra | lady finger
Growing and care Okra

Overview Okra plant

Scientific name                        Abelmoschus esculentus

Common name                          Okra, lady finger, Bhindi

Plants type                               Vegetable

Sun                                          Full Sun

Blooming time                           Summer

Soil                                          Sandy Loam

Soil pH                                    Slightly acidic to natural

USDA Zone                              6-11

Common names in India

Bhindi is a popular common vegetable in India. This is known by different names in different places. In English it is known as Okara or lady finger, Bhindi it in Hindi, Dhenras in Bengali, Vendai in Tamil, in Gujarati Bhindo, Ramkeliya it in Chhattisgarh and it is known in Malayalam as Ventaykka.

How to Grow Okra plant 

lady finger growing in a tropical and warm temperate climate. It is a drought-tolerant species. This plant does not tolerate intermittent moisture. Okra is easy to grow.

Growing time

Lady finger seeds you can grow 3 to 4 weeks before the last spring frost. This complete indoor in full sunlight, it can be grown easily by seeds.  The seeds are hard to accelerate the germination of seeds in warm water overnight Immerse. It’s seeded directly into your garden you can also before spring frost.

Soil and location

Fertile Sandy Loam soil is good for okra. The soil you are using should be easily broken, it should be completely dry and well-drained. Mix the organic matter and enrich the soil. Keep a supply of continuous supply of nutrients in the plant. It requires full sunlight.


When the temperature of the soil is 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, sow its plant. If you do not start the early plant, wait for the stable warm season.


Keep seeds at least 1 inch deep and 12 to 18 inches apart. Plants become slightly larger than transplant it 1 to 2 feet apart because this plant is long.

Growing Okra in the pots

Growing Okra in a pot,  its easy if you have less space, you can plant dwarf veracities in a pot.

  • Bring the fine quality seeds of the okra. Make it soak in hot water for at least 2 hours before planting.
  • You can choose a pot of any material, by the way, my suggestion is the terracotta pot is most suitable. Choose a large size pot, which is at least 5 gallons. The suitable pots are 10 inches wide and 12 inches deep.
  • Start indoor from March to April, or sow in temperatures above 16 degrees Celsius on the propagation tray.
  • Fill the sewing pot with multipurpose manure and sow 3 to 4 seeds per pot. Cover the pot with a plastic sheet, and place it in a hot and dry place. When the leaves started to appear in the plant, Remove plastic sheets.
  • Keep observing, when the plantation becomes slightly larger, if there is no harm in making them free, then plant it in the pot of your choice. Read more.
lady’s fingers planting and care

Okra Care

  • lady’s fingers plants are 6 feet long. The plants prefer full sun to light. To avoid shade.
  • When the plants grow a large amount of grass and weeds also grow. Remove them for plant growth.
  • 4 to 8-inch layer of grass grow, for making moisture.
  • Okra Plant once a month to use the balanced liquid fertilizer. 10-10-10 ratio rich compost is good for plant growth.
  • In the summer of okra plants Feed well water. 1 inch of water is the ideal standard fade every week. Use more water, if you live in a hot area. A weekly deep soaking is beneficial.
  • After the first harvest, remove the lower leaves to speed up production.
  • Crop rotation and good soil management help control diseases. Read more.

Pests and diseases

This plant usually aphids, Corn earworms, Stinkbugs, Fusarium wilt, etc. can cause damage. Southern root-knot nematode and stem the okra plant is susceptible to blight. This unusual okra various beetles and worms are not to attract. Routine care is necessary because these can be infections. vegetable


Harvesting lady’s fingers

  • lady’s fingers are mature in 50 to 65 days.
  • When the bloom faded okra is ready for harvest.
  • When pods length of 2 to 3 inches. Pick the pods at least every other day, otherwise, they will be stiff. Pods should pick easily.
  • Start harvesting a few days after the okra blooms fade.
  • At that point, the seed pods should be soft and two to three inches long.
  • Pick the pods at least every other day, as they quickly turn from tender to tough the bigger they grow.
  • Handle pods gently. The pods bruise easily.
  • Remove old seed pods so they do not inhibit new pods from developing. For maximum yield, prune older limbs beneath the already harvested
  • All varieties have spines, so wear gloves when picking the pods. The spineless varieties have fewer spines on the pods themselves, but spines on other parts of the plant make wearing gloves and long sleeves a good idea.

How to make Bhindi (Okra) gravy masala?

It is a perennial plant and it is cultivated in tropical and warm temperate climate annually. Ladies finger or okra is also called Bhindi in India, it is a very tasty and popular vegetable, which is cooked all over indigenously in the whole of India. Bhindi is not just delicious, but it also has a lot of nutrient content. Read more.

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