Growing and caring Shark fin melon | Cucurbita ficifolia | fig leaf gourd

Growing and caring Shark fin melon | Cucurbita ficifolia | fig leaf gourd

Shark Fin Melon (Cucurbita ficifolia)

Widely employed in South Central America and Asia, shark fin melon is therefore named as a result of its, historically, created into a broth that resembles shark fin soup. This selection produces four to five dark inexperienced fruits per plant. These fruits have mild-flavored, cucumber-like flesh. Fig leaf gourd (Malabar gourd) is termed as a result of once it’s barbecued, the melon flesh can communicate strands resembling shark’s fins. In eater meals, shark fin melon is employed as an alternate to the important McCoy because it appears almost like shark’s fin soup.

A hardy vegetable, shark fin melon (scientific name Cucurbita ficifolia) will last while not moldering for many years if unbroken dry when harvest! Intake shark fin melon is claimed to assist individuals with polygenic disorder thanks to its high D-Chiro-Inositol. it’s conjointly low in calories creating it appropriate for people who desire to turn. This melon is comparable to the pasta squash as their flesh can each come back off in strands like pasta once lyonnaise.

Shark fin melon
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Overview Shark Fin Melon

Scientific name           Cucurbita ficifolia

Common name           Shark Fin Melon, Alcayota, Fig Leaf Squash, Malabar Gourd, Chilacayote,  Fig Leaf Gourd, Figleaf Gourd.

Plant type                    Fruit/ Vegetable

Sun                              Full Sun

Soil                              loamy soils with high organic matter

Soil pH                         5.0- 7.5

Flower color                Gold yellow

Blooming time                        Summer

Zone                            4-11

Cucurbita ficifolia
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Growing and caring Shark fin melon (fig leaf gourd)

Shark fin melons square measures best big on a soil that’s not too high in Nitrogen. Planting out on associates in nursing over-rich soil makes them manufacture copious amounts of foliage. Plants ought to incline generous spacing – 1-2m apart is recommended, to permit the area to the path like squashes, they ought to be patterned in well. Hand impregnation could also be necessary. The vascular plant may be trained to climb a vertical support for higher air circulation and simple harvest or left to sprawl on the bottom. Once harvest, winter squash ought to be left within the sun for some days to cure before storing.

In early to mid-summer, the plant will bloom bright yellow flowers with separate female and male flowers on the same plant.


In full sun, the plant will require six more hours of direct sunlight. And when planted in partial shade, it will require direct sunlight for some part of the day for 2 to 6 hours.


Plant shark fin squash finally after danger of frost has passed and also the soil has warm-up. They will do best on a trellis however will be allowed to path on the bottom. Ideally, a soil pH scale of 6.0 to 6.7 although they’ll do fine in soil pH scale of  5.0-7.5. Feed with an honest organic fertilizer or compost tea.

They do best in loamy soils with high organic matter. The soil should be kept moist but should also have good drainage to keep the plant healthy.


A proper watering schedule is a must to keep the plant healthy. The plant should be watered well at all times. Do not over-water the plant but keep the soil moist.


The best temperature condition for your shark fin melon is between 78 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fertilizer Malabar gourd

Go easy on fertilizers because plants overwhelmed with large amounts of fertilizers can turn into botanical megalomaniacs, sprawling out in all directions. You can increase the productivity of the soil through organic matter and composts.

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