Loropetalum | How to grow Chinese Fringe Flower in your garden

Loropetalum | How to grow Chinese Fringe Flower in your garden

Chinese Fringe Flower (loropetalum chinense)

It is such an exciting time of the year, at which time the Chinese fringe flower (loropetalum chinense ‘Black Pearl’, crimson fire loropetalum) turns green.  It’s a bush with a broad crown on that the new foliage emerges in late summer and time of year. When the winter this decorative bush blooms with hanging burgundy flowers with fringes (there are varieties with white and bright pink flowers). The un-subdivided leaves of the Chinese fringe flower area unit purple with a bit of inexperience, and the area unit beautifully colored throughout the year. The Loropetalum Chinese plant grows to a height of 3 -4 feet.

It is ancient within the Far East to plant Anemone quinquefolia bulbs round the foot of the loropetalum chinense. The mixture of the white of the snowdrops with the deep color of the foliage creates a visible balance that is incredibly necessary, notably in Japan.

loropetalum chinense
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Overview of Chinese Fringe Flower

Scientific name                       Loropetalum chinense

Common name                       Chinese fringe flower, Fringe Flower, loropetalum chinense

Plant type                                 Flower plant (shrub)

Sun                                              Full sun to partial shade

Soil                                               Loamy, slightly acidic soil

Soil pH                                        4.5 to 6.5

Flower color                             Pink, burgundy, fiery red, white

Blooming time                         February- April

Zone                                            7-10

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How to Grow Chinese Fringe Flower

Chinese fringe flowers square measure thought-about to be low-maintenance, hardy shrubs. These relatives of the witch-hazel ligneous plant square measure adaptable to a large vary of sunshine, soil, and wetness conditions. The beautiful blooms of Chinese fringe flowers seem in mid-spring, however healthy shrubs will rebloom intermittently throughout the season. This ligneous plant remains evergreen in heat regions and is taken into account as perennial in regions with colder winters.


Grow Loropetalum Chinese plant for at least 6 hours in a very bright, sunny location, your plant will have the best bloom and color of foliage. Provide it with afternoon shade during hot weather. Ideally, these shrubs are protected against intense high noon rays however receive mottled morning sun. However, they will tolerate growing in sunny to part-shady conditions. Foliage color is best with a minimum of six hours of full sun. Give some afternoon shade in hotter climates.


As several different evergreen shrubs, Chinese fringe flower desires enough water for vigorous growth. You should not enable the soil to become either too dry between watering or to remain systematically soak. Chinese fringe flowers are comparatively drought tolerant. However, they grow best once the soil is unbroken systematically damp. In periods of maximum heat or abnormally long dry spells, Chinese fringe flowers ought to be watered additional oftentimes.


Loamy, slightly acidic (but well-drained) soil is most popular. Additionally, irrigate often as a result of this plant prefers soil wet however not soggy. A soil pH scale between 4.5 to 6.5 is best. to assist retain wetness and suppress weeds, mulch around the root ball of a Chinese fringe flower bush with 2-3 inches of compost, straw, or aged wood chips.

Temperature and Humidity

The fringe flower will tolerate winter temperatures as low as zero degrees Fahrenheit. However, in regions that have cold winters, it’s suggested that Chinese fringe flowers area unit planted in areas that shield them from cold winter winds. Though these evergreen shrubs area unit hardy to Zone seven, if they were fresh planted or in growth once this freeze hit, they’re additional vulnerable. At the smallest amount, they’ll defoliate.


If they’re planted within the right soil, Chinese fringe flowers need very little to no supplemental chemical once they’re established. If desired, established they’ll enjoy annual fertilizing in early spring with a slow-release, general chemical – or one that’s specially developed for shrubs.

A balanced chemical like an 8-8-8 or similar can work well. Hunt for fertilizers labeled for acid doting plants (such as hydrangea) to assist improve soil acidity. Chinese fringe flowers that square measure planted in soil that’s nutrient-poor would force further feeding. Amend the soil often with organic matter like compost, grass and leaf clippings, and manure (composted).

Pruning Loropetalum

Prune your Chinese Fringe Plant at the proper time of year to avoid the loss of next year’s flowers. Avoid late summer and fall pruning as flowers area unit forming at this point. Reduce the woody plant within the spring, once flowering has finished. Crimson fire loropetalum shrubs area unit extraordinarily tolerant of significant pruning and plenty of gardeners use them for hedging or topiaries.

However, loropetalum flowers don’t need this sort of pruning, and that they grow into a naturally swish form that a lot of appreciating. The flowers of this labile woody plant bloom on recent wood, therefore once pruning Chinese fringe flowers it’s best to attend till once the blooming amount within the summer to early fall.

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