10 Splendid plants for Flower Bed Gardening | ground cover

10 Splendid plants for Flower Bed Gardening | ground cover

Flower Bed  Gardening

You can develop Flower Beds in your garden based on the experience of your life or by gathering information from anywhere else. It increases the beauty of your garden. But it is important to understand some basic things about this. Nature Bring is giving you information about similar plants from which you can make flower beds. To develop Flower Bed, ground cover, and edges plants, it is necessary to keep the following things in mind.

Growing condition

Sun Required

The sun’s presence is essential for flower bed gardening. Flowers require a lot of energy and plants receive this energy from the sun. Therefore, when making a flower bed, choose a place where the sunlight comes directly from 6-8 hours.


To develop a flower bed, the second important requirement is the standard of the garden soil. Choose such soil so that there is not much sand, smoothness, and excessive stickiness in the form of an ideal soil, and by which the drainage of water and is very good organic-rich. Before planting plants, be sure to test the soil pH level and its reproductive capacity.


Select annual and perennial plants These are the basic flowers of the garden. Annuals do their entire life cycle in a Growing Season. These plants sprout germination, forming leaves and roots, flowers, seeds and eventually die. These are popular plants because they bloom in all weather with the proper weather.

Flower Bed

01. Zinnia

Zinnia flowers are colorful and long-lasting flowers. These flowers prefer full sun. The plants can grow very easily. These grow very quickly and give flowers, in large quantities. The gardens are beautiful and colorful flowers attract butterflies.

Zinnias are annual plants. It is great for one season and the best cutting flowers. These flowers bloom on a stem in summer. The head is large, like the daisy. Plant in the containers, the small Zinnia is located in the hanging basket. Some people use it to find the edge of the garden. The beautiful flowers in your garden are popped. This plant is very popular. These plants are used as annual or mixed borders, good cut flowers, for edges and as a splendid flower bed. Read more.

Flower Bed

02. Petunia

Petunias are the most popular flowering plant. It is seen in almost every garden. The plant is grown as annuals. Petunias in the sensitive zones are 9 to 11. Petunias are herbaceous, usually hairy. The flowers are funnel-shaped, and the petals are attached to. The fruits are dry capsules and several micro seeds in capsules.

Seeds can easily develop petunia plants. You grow this plant anywhere where the sun falls directly, whether you’re a patio, the terrace garden, hanging gardens it can be grown anywhere. Many people give beauty to the landscape, or a window or door, take a fascinating gateway to the Garden.  It is grown as a Houseplant in the container. Flower shape and the habit of moving are divided into four different varieties. Petunia makes the landscape of your garden attractive. It is easy to plant, it is used as a flower bed, and most gardeners do in a container garden.

Flower Bed

03. Begonia

Many people understand begonia is an outdoor plant, but it is also a very nice indoor Houseplant and can bloom all year. A begonia plant originally Southern Asia, Africa, South America, and Central America, the tropical moist areas, these plants require high humidity. More species of Begonia are rhizomatous, or tuberous categories.  Begonia plant beautiful houseplants, hanging baskets, terrace, garden, and suitable for flower beds.  In most species, the fruits are the size of the capsule. The leaves are large, are marked by a variety of bizarre. The leaves are usually asymmetrical. Read.

Flower Bed

04. Phlox

Phlox is a favorite perennial, which is quite popular. This has become the first choice of American Gardner for almost 100 years because its colorful flowers which bloom for a long time It grows up to 2 to 5 feet in length and is fragrant. They produce flowers from spring to late summer and from pure white to red, pink, and blue colors. They grow very easily, easy to care, and are almost insect and disease-free. The Phlox are great flowers to cover the ground; you can use it in the bouquet inside the house. These flowers are attracting birds and butterflies. The creeping phlox is used as an excellent border or edges plant. It spreads very well on the shore and demarcates your garden beds very well. Read for Details.

Flower Bed

05. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums, sometimes called mums or chrysanths, are flowering plants of the genus Chrysanthemum in the family Asteraceae. They are native to Asia and northeastern Europe.  Chrysanthemum 400 AD was brought to Japan by Buddhist monks. Chrysanthemum throne to sit on the Japanese emperor used to love.

These flowering plants are growing Tropical, which is basically the Eurasian region. Wild chrysanthemum is a texa herbaceous perennial plant. The leaves are alternately arranged into leaflets with toothed. The head is covered by layers of phyllaries. The flowers are white, yellow, and red in the colors. Chrysanthemums are also known as ‘Mums’. Starting early in the fall blooming chrysanthemums are beautiful varieties of perennials. Chrysanthemum is especially used in the form of ground cover, border plants, and cut flowers. Further details.

Flower Bed

06. Dianthus

Flowers are also called the pink Dianthus. The species are mostly herbaceous perennials, some of which are annual and biennial. Pink dianthus perennial some are noted for their strong spice scent. The pink, white and red colors of the past had been like. These gray, mats of blue-gray, grassy leaves, evergreen clumps and is grown for fragrant.  Long dianthus is good for cutting and are great flowers to cover the ground. Perennial species are most suitable for the 3-9 Zone. Read.

Flower Bed

07. Vinca

Vinca contains annual plants that are drought tolerant and grow very well in hot, dry areas. If you develop it in one place, it keeps developing automatically. This plant is known by three names, vinca, Periwinkle, and Myrtle. Vinca plants are native to America, Europe, India, and China.
These plants are popular due to their attractive colors and bright leaves. These plants bloom in summer and keep on blooming in the cold. The color of these flowers is usually white, red, and pink. Vinka plants are best for borders, land cover, and flower beds gardening. Read more.

Flower Bed

08. Aster

Asters daisy-like perennial flowers come in many colors with a wide variety. These flavors attract pollinators. Aster plants are resistant to disease and deer, and in the growing season bloom strongly between late summer and autumn. The height of these plants ranges from 8 inches to 8 feet. Aster is best for borders, edges, and a flower bed. Find more.

Flower Bed

09. Kalanchoe

The native of Kalanchoe arid areas, and is a popular succulent. Its flowers are available in red color, pink, yellow, or white.  Kalanchoe has more than 100 species, but few are popular. Most perennial herbs are plants, but some of them are annual or biennial. These are attractive plants for containers and hanging baskets, also used as flower bed gardening.

Flower Bed

10. Cosmos

Cosmos is attractive flower bed gardening plants, with the same common name of cosmos, consisting of flowering plants in the sunflower family. It is a popular ornamental flower plant in red, yellow, orange, white, and pink colours. Cosmos are annual plants is a native of Mexico, that blooms a long stem. Cosmos can easily grow; these plants are suitable for borders or containers. Its flowers are attracting honey bees, butterflies, and birds. Read.

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