During the monsoon maintain your home garden | Monsoon care

During the monsoon maintain your home garden | Monsoon care

Are you planning to develop and care for your home garden this monsoon?

The monsoon season, there are many things, which gardeners do not follow. This, in turn, gives rise to a number of problems in your garden. Today, we have given you eight monsoon gardening tips, which should be followed in order for your garden to look luscious and green. Monsoon season provides an ideal environment for inducing growth in plants as the low temperatures and humidity help the roots swing into action. This is the best period for growing new plants. In this time you can start a new home garden, planning a terrace garden and maintaining the current home garden.


Monsoon care

Monsoon is the most co-adjustor climate to grow indoor plants they absorb the humidity in the air and also get the help of little sunlight that glances through the clouds. However, in this season extra requires caring to give to the plants. In this period insects are breeding and harmful to plants. where you get to see a lot of unnecessary plants growing in your garden during the rainy season. Rainfall causes the easy growth of some unnecessary plants in the soil like that of weeds. Monsoons are the best time of the year for those who love gardening. You can see your plants soak in the moisture, grow faster and flower in all its majesty. Here are some of the tips for monsoon gardening

1.Rainwater for gardening

We can use the rainwater for watering the plants by storing this water during the monsoon season. The preservation of rainwater also helps in systematic maintenance of the garden by supplying the plants with a sufficient supply of water. You can store rainwater for watering plants. Another easier way to collect rainwater is to just fill big buckets kept out in the rain for gardening usage.

2. Natural sprinklers

The rainwater during the monsoon season acts as natural sprinklers for the plants in our garden. Even proper gardening techniques insist that plants should be watered through sprinklers and not with a mug of water from a bucket. Sprinklers help in the uniform availability of water to the plant and to the leaves.

3. Terrace Garden

Monsoon is the best time of the year to develop a terrace garden. This is the time when you grow plants, shrubs, and grass on a terrace. The small space available for gardening around the house and so this concept of terrace gardening is better for you. Rainy season helps help you to grow the plant.

4. Pruning

  • Pruning is necessary for all seasons but pruning the plants just prior to and during the monsoon season helps in faster growth of plants. Therefore one of the most important tips for monsoon gardening is to pruning the plants during the season.
    It also ensures that enough air and sunlight reaches every part of the plant. and also that nearby plants growing in their shade get sufficient sun and air. Pruning is an important part of gardening activities. The monsoon season marks the presence of gory winds, which can simply cause damage to the long branches of your fruit trees.
  • Deadheading is a common method of pruning flowering plants. When the flowers in the plant start to wither, they are cut off from their stem, which helps in the formation of the next flowering bud. This method helps in increasing the length of the flowering season but if the flower has some pollen or seeds to aid further reproduction, this type of pruning is not recommended.
  • When there are shrubs and hedges in the garden. when new leaves start growing during the monsoon season. The shrubs are cut according to the shape in the garden.
  • The grass grows very quickly during the rainy season in the garden and it needs to be chopped.
  • Handpicking and selective cropping the method used for foliage plants in the garden. The foliage plants do have distinct stems and the leaves tend to get damaged. Gardening implies that the plants should be kept lush green. Damaged leaves and parts of the plant need to picked by hand or chopped carefully. Read more

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