How to get rid of Spittlebugs by the organic way | Nature Bring

How to get rid of Spittlebugs by the organic way | Nature Bring


How to get rid of Spittlebugs by the organic way, Spittlebugs are from the Cercopidae family. About 2300 species of it are found. Spittlebugs gets almost 300 times his body, fluid of the plant in an hour. Due to which they produce a lot of waste. That is why a sputum-like substance appears on your plant. This spreads the damage and the filth to your precious plant. It not only feeds your plant but weakens the plant and finally, the plant dies. It is an interesting insect that does not appear quickly, but its appearance is known due to a spit-like substance. But do not need to be disturbed, Nature Bring tells you how to get rid of Spittlebugs by the organic way.


Its adult oval is frog-faced,  which is approximately 6-10 mm long. These are mottled brown and black in color, which almost looks similar to leafhoppers. Adults are very active and jump on tampering. Its Nymphs are yellow-green and look like adults, although it does not have wings, it is found in a foamy mass. The egg is white.

Affected plants

There are some plants that Spittle bugs like most. The ornamental grass and herb plants attract more of it. Strawberries, roses, chrysanthemums, morning glory, Bermuda grass, clover, and ostrich are some specific plants on which spittlebugs are often seen.


Organic ways to get rid of spittlebugs

Below are some excellent solutions that will help prevent spittlebugs.

1. Manually Split

You should check your garden plants thoroughly and wherever sputum-like substances appear, spittlebugs are there, you should remove them from your hands and if you are worried about touching it with hands, Can wash it. This is the easiest way to get rid of them. Another option which is quite popular nowadays is bug zapper.
It is a bug controlling system; it kills bugs, mosquitoes, and other flying insects through electrical discharge. By using it you will get rid of light spots other than spittlebugs. You will have to use chemicals if you are severely spread.

2. Regularly clean the garden

Spittlebug lives in debris and other dirt areas around the garden. These eggs are destroyed with regular cleaning of the garden, and their population growth stops. Apart from this, the old waste trees and plant matter will also get rid of it.
Before the start of every growing season, remove the content of the old plants, it will hatch the limit of their number. These are found in fall leaves and beans, so destroy it immediately.  Find it more.

3. Using row covers

Using Row covers, you can easily get rid of Spittle Bugs, it is also effective and cheaper too. Row covers are made of light clothes or plastic, which protect plants from these bugs. In these covers, there are small holes so that the rainwater easily comes in and allows the inside of the heat to go out. Spittlebugs are fond of grass, so cut the surrounding pit and grass field. The grass is the main food source for this

4. By homemade spray

Organic insecticide spray made by garlic lets you easily get rid of spittlebugs. This spray made by garlic and red chilies has a double effect on it. Mixing puree chili, garlic and water together, you leave it for one day. Then mix the organic liquid soap in it. Mix it well in a spray bottle, and spray it on the plant. Spray always in the evening or in the night, during the afternoon it will burn the plant in the presence of the strong sun, and eventually, the plant will die.

5. Use Neem oil

We have already read about neem oil spray, how effective it is on pesticides. Use neem oil or citrus based oil to reduce the panic insect, this will easily control insect, it is not even harmful. Mixing liquid soap with neem oil and water while preparing the spray, because oil does not mix in water.

6. Organic pesticide soap

The use of organic pesticide soap has also been read in the old post for pest control. There are many organic pesticides soap available in the market, so you can easily get rid of Spittlebugs in addition to another insect. Organic soaps contain potassium salts of fatty acids that brack down the outer shell of the insect, which is caused by dehydration and loss of body fluids. Mix small pieces of organic pesticide soap with water and spray it. Do not spray the presence of the sun or in the hot atmosphere, otherwise, your plant will die.

Chemical solutions

If the use of chemicals is considered to be extremely bad and dangerous. It contains such toxic substances that harm the insects as well as the human body. Use them only when the problem increases. Use organic pesticides if the problem is suitable to control. Some chemicals such as cyfluthrin, deltamethrin, and bifenthrin, etc. are available for the treatment of spittlebugs. Many of its brands are available in the market.

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