Surprising Uses of Borax in the Gardens | Nature Bring

Surprising Uses of Borax in the Gardens | Nature Bring

Borax in the Gardens

Surprising Uses of Borax in the Gardens, Do you know Borax can be used as an excellent natural cleaner and in the garden too? Boron is a mineral salt with acidic properties, it contains naturally acidic properties. It is used in many ways in the work of the house. Look!

Borax is a white powder and is made from boron. People have used it as a natural cleaner, laundry, and disinfectant since ancient times. It is also used as a preservative, which works in makeup products. Although its use is poisonous in very large amounts, this requires care. Due to its very special properties, it is used today to destroy bugs, fungus, and weeds, this is to be done, the gardener has begun to accept it as a partner of his garden.

For more information, see what the Borax is, how it works, what are the disadvantages.


Borax Uses

  • Effective in weed control
  • Remove Rust
  • Boron deficiency
  • Best Ant killer
  • Fertilizer
  • Kill Greenfly
  • Natural cleanser

Effective in weed control

The University of Illinois extension tells that the borax is an effective weed control herbicide, using it can get you rid of annoying weeds. Do not spray the solution on plants.


Heat 4 ounces of water and dissolve 10-ounce borax in it.

Put the solution in 2.5 gallons of water.

Spray your lawn now, but do not spray when rain is expected.

Remove Rust

Most of it has been seen that due to the fact that our garden tools are constantly exposed to water and wet soil, the rust is built up. If you want to get rid of rust on your garden tools, mix lemon juice with the borax and prepare a paste. Apply it to garden tools and set it for at least 30 minutes. Rub it with a scrub brush, and repeat it again, then clean it with water.

Boron deficiency

It is a boron compound, though it is a micronutrient, but can be used to plant nutrients and growth. Due to the lack of soil boron, the growth of the plant is stunted, and the plants begin to yellow. This yield affects production. If you have to find out the shortness of boron then you should test the soil. If the level of borax is below level below 0.5 ppm, then you should fertilize the borax to correct its level.

The University of Maryland Extension says that there is often low level of boron in sandy soils. Therefore you should mix 6 to 7 teaspoon borax sandy soils for every 1,000 square feet ground. Read more.

Best Ant killer

If you see the ants crawling around anthill in your garden, then getting rid of them is not easy, so you do not have to worry. Borax is a biological way, by using it you can remove ant from your vegetable gardens, an anthill from the ground. Mix one cup of sugar and one cup of borax, then sprinkle this mixture lightly around the anthill. Since sugar and borax look the same, and so the ants carry it in their colony and the borax is poisonous to ants, so it wipes out the entire colony. Read more.


If you apply a small quantity of borax to the soil of your garden, then it enriches the soil and prevents the growth of pests. But a lot of quantity leads to vegetable poisoning. You must test the soil before adding the borax to the soil. Once the boron deficiency is found, mix borax in every 3 years the soil of the garden.

It is used as a fertilizer in small quantities, it is a booster in the soil, especially in sandy soils which lack the mineral content. In the 1,000 square feet garden, you can safely mix in 6 to 7 teaspoons, you can mix it directly or diluted in water. It not only fertilizes but can also help fight rotten and fruit ripening. Read more.

Liquid fertilizer

You can prepare an excellent liquid fertilizer from it, see how it works in the garden. You add part boron with ten parts of water in a large vessel and make a good liquid fertilizer mixture. For this how it works, you should try a little bit on some plants. If it looks very strong, make it a little dilute, and see.

Kill Greenfly

Many times you see green flies after inspecting your roses, you can use the borax to get rid of them. Mix 25 grams of borax in a little warm water and mix 600 ml in cold water then apply it on your rose and other plants. This unexpectedly relieves the inside of the bark and the surrounding insects.

Natural cleanser

Borax is a natural disinfectant for its equipment and harsh surfaces, it becomes clean and disinfected. Mix half a cup of borax in a gallon hot water and make pesticides for your equipment and harsh surfaces.  This mixture is useful for fighting fungi and deodorant. Using this hot mixture you can do so to soak and clean the utensils and tools. Rinse the utensils and tools with this mixture thoroughly and leave them in the open air or in the sun to dry it.

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