Growing Cornflower | Bachelor button | Cornflower care

Growing Cornflower | Bachelor button | Cornflower care

Cornflower plant

The cornflower plant is quite easy to grow and suitable for newbie gardeners. Cornflower is a very colorful and annualized hardy plant, and commonly known as Bachelor Button. These flowers perform better within the boundaries of your bistro and garden. Its flowers are the attraction of your garden late autumn and late summer due to the spring. These are high-quality cut flowers, which attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators and beneficial insects.

Its blue color is the most popular, but people prefer white, red, pink and purple varieties too. The proper time for planting it is from summer to late winter, at this time you can sow them directly on the ground. These plants prefer full sun or choose a place where the sun lasts for a long time. For this, well-drained and fertilizer-rich soil are suitable. Nature Bring is introducing you to growing cornflower and its care.


Scientific name                    Centaureacyanus

Common name                   Cornflower or Bachelor button

Plant type                            Flower

Sun requires                        Full Sun/part Sun

Blooming time                    June to summer

Flower colors                      White, red, pink, blue, purple

Soil                                      Any good garden soil

Soil pH                                5.5-7

Zone                                   2-11

Common name

Cornflower, bachelor button, bluebottle are its popular name.


Growing cornflower

Location and soil

Tese plant totally likes good drainage soil and full sunshine site, it does not require full fertile soil, it can serve in nice garden soil. There are many varieties of these that are also good in low nutrient soils. The soil pH 5.5 to 7 is good for this. They are annuals that you can grow up from USDA Hardiness Zone 2 to 11.

Cornflower propagation

  • The easiest way to propagate its seeds directly through the ground. Its flowers require well dry soil and full sunlight
  • If you want cornflower to grow by seed, spring is the best weather, at this time you can sow it directly to the place you want. If your seeds grow between March and May, then you will see good performance between June and September.
  • Thin seedling it around 8 to 12 inches apart.

Cornflower Seeds planting indoor

This is easy to develop Cornflower in the house by seed. About 1 month before the last cold to grow indoors or you plan to set them out a month ago. Fill the container through the growing medium, then wet the mixture. Now sow 3 to 4 seeds per container and cover 1/2 inch through grouting and mist top with light water. After this, cover the container from the plastic sheet and keep the warm room in the seed to germinate.

Cornflower plant care

  • Production of flowers requires minimum water and less fertilizer to continue for years.
  • Its established plants tolerate dry soils, although the water keeps the plant healthy regularly.
  • With strong wind and heavy rain the plants can become flatten, to prevent this, you can plant it near tall plants, which will support it.
  • If you get worried then you can do deadhead to stop self-seeding.

Cornflower Varieties

‘Blue Boy’ is an attractive species that is considered the best for the cool theme in the Garden.
‘Classic Romantic’ is a mixed theme, in which various colors of pink colors leave mixed effects and luxurious romance. ‘White Ball’ is three-dimensional petals, which are heavy bloomers.

Cornflower “Classic Fantastic”

Cornflower “Classic Fantastic” is a wonderful mix of light blue colors to dark blue colors.
Its flowers are often in two blue colors and there are dark petals in the center. These flowers are not only spectacular but also edible.


you do not need to buy seeds again once planting it, its seeds can be harvested very easily. Seed pods open after maturity, at that time, keep in mind and gather the seeds for next year.

Pests and diseases of Cornflower plant

Do not bother pests and disease to cornflowers. The biggest problem of this plant is the weakness of the yield, causing the crops to look dry. Crop falls by excessive air, can support planting the mixture crops for support.

Cornflower medicinal use

Cornflower is a herb, its dry flowers are used to make medicines. People use tea made from this for fever, constipation, water retention, chest congestion. Some people use tonic, bitter, and liver and gallbladder as stimulants. Women use it for menstrual disorders and vaginal infections. Some people apply it when they have irritation in the eyes. It is used in herbal tea to provide color in food items. Read more.

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