How to grow Avocado Tree | Growing an Avocado tree in containers

How to grow Avocado Tree | Growing an Avocado tree in containers

Avocado Tree

Learn How to grow Avocado Tree, Growing avocado tree in containers, Butter fruit, Avocado plant care, and more about this plant. Follow the detailed instructions given by Nature Bring for how to develop Avocado in your garden.

Avocado (Butter Fruit) is a delicious fruit rich with nutritious qualities. It is the fruit that takes grows in the hot area and is affected by the cold zone. They grow very well in moderate humidity and moderately warm temperatures (60-85F). If you are eating an Avocado, you will definitely want to plant it in your garden; you have less space than you can plant it in the pot too. You have to develop your own avocado tree or houseplant, then there are some common ways of this, you need to know it.  Within its fruit, there is a lone big berry known as “pit” or a “stone”

Classification Persea Americana

Scientific name                    Persea Americana

Common name                   Avocado, Avocado pear

Plant type                              Fruit

Sun required                        Full Sun/part sun

Soil                                         Natural to slightly acidic

Soil PH                                  6-6.5

Zone                                       9-11

Popular name

In the United Kingdom, it is known as “avocado pear”, here it is known in the colloquial language as “avo”. It is known in some parts of India as “butter fruit”, in Taiwan, Luo or “cheese pear” it, “alligator pear” in China, in Portuguese, it is known as “abacate”.

How to grow Avocado Tree

Avocado tree Soil and Location

Avocado plants prefer moisture-containing soil which is slightly acidic (pH of 6-6.5). If you are developed in containers and there are heavy soils, sand and compost should be mixed in the soil for better drainage. When planting in the ground, you can make 1 to 2 feet high mounds for better drainage.  These grow well on the slopes ground and water does not accumulate around the roots. The warm temperature and bright sunlight are better for this. Choose a place where trees can be protected from cold and strong winds.

How to grow Avocado Tree

Here are the easy ways to develop a butter fruit plant.


1. Growing an Avocado tree from seed

If you want to start the avocado with “pit (stone)” then choose the mature fruit. Cut the fruit carefully, wash the avocado pit with water gradually to remove the flash, do not damage the brown cover over the pit. Put four toothpicks from the four sides in the pit, keep the narrow part of the pit upwards.

Fill the water in a glass, place the prepared pit over the glass and keep in mind that the pit is sit in at least 1-inch water. Wait for the pit to sprout. Leave it to grow in a warm place a maintain the water level. Water sprouts. When the stem is 6 to 7 inches long, cutback, it up to 3 inches. When the roots are thick, the stem leaves again. Now place it in a large pot with rich humid soil, then pour water with a deep soak.

2. Young tree

The avocado tree should be planted between March and June. If planting during the summer always keeps risk the heat of the sun, because these trees do not absorb too much water when they are young. Always plant it in the non-lawn area protected place with frost and wind, the position of the full sun is best for this. To plant avocado dig deeper width and depth hole from the plant’s root ball. This is a shallow-rooted plant and the root system is very sensitive. Most of its feeding roots are in the 6 inches from the top. If the roots of the tree are tied, then loosen the soil on the four sides carefully.

How to grow Avocado Tree in a container

Growing  an Avocado tree in containers

Enhancing Avocado in the pots is fun and easy. For this, choose a large terracotta container, place the sprouted pit in double the height of its roots. Prepare a mixture of sand and compost with a potting mixture and fill it out. Keep the containers moving in bright light, and the plant will become a bit weaker in the lack of light. Pinch up the unforeseen rise above for the development of a strong plant.
These plants take up to 10 years in fruit production. However, the taste of this fruit is not as good as in the fruit produced by the commercial rootstock. Read more.

Propagation Butter fruit plant

These plants are propagated commercially by grafting or budding. Developing this plant by seed is the most simple and fun, however, the resulting plant is ready after a few years. Seed sprouts in a few weeks and later development is faster. You can start it in water or in the compost directly.

Avocado tree care

1. Watering

The Butter fruit tree generally requires water 2-3 times per week. As soon as the bulk of this tree reaches the ground, you can give it a lot of water. Water once a week, when giving water, always keep in mind that once the water near the tree is dry, give it water again. According to the rule of thumb, the matured tree requires about 20 gallons of water a day. Less Water is required during

2. Mulching

It is a rainforest tree due to which it is necessary to have mulching. Sugarcane straw or 3 inches thick compost should spread over the entire root zone for mulching. You can do it again in the month of August, or you can apply twice a year as needed.


Avocado tree performs best on medium humidity and moderately warm temperatures (60° F to 80° F). After setting the tree, they can tolerate temperatures of 28° F to 32° F. They should be protected from freezing temperatures.

4. Fertilizing

The tree should not be fertilized for a period of 1 year; young plants need balanced fertilizer like 10-10-10. Old trees should be given high nitrogen fertilizer twice in a year in summer or late winter.

5. Pollination

The avocado tree develops thousands of clusters of flowers during the season. Flowers have both male and female organs are present, but they do not work at the same time. Opening and closing twice in a period of two days, On the first day is the functionally female and the working man names on the second day. Too much pollination of avocado is to attract pollen vectors behind pollination, it is a wild flying and crawling insects, but there are honey bees in Western Australia. There are complete flowers but unusual behaviors are called ‘protogynousdichogamy‘.

Problem with Avocado plant

Root rot for the Avocado plant is the most serious disease. This disease is caused by pathogen Phytophthora cinnamomi. The reason for not having good drainage is due to it. Yellow leaves of leaves, wilted leaves, die of branching, and small fruits are the result.
Anthracnose, fruit, flowers, foliage and branches are affected, which becomes stains, wounds, and decay. This possibility of high humidity, dense fog, and light winter areas. Pruning limbs at least 2 feet off the ground and air circulation could be prevented to a great extent.

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