How to Grow Potatoes in a container | Growing Potatoes | Potato plant

How to Grow Potatoes in a container | Growing Potatoes | Potato plant

Potato plant

Learn How to grow potatoes in a container, Growing Potato,  potato care, and more about the plant in this article. you can also grow potatoes in the container for your home use.  The biggest advantage of growing potatoes in the container is that you will find its tubers in one place. If you do not have a container, you can also grow it in a polybag. The whole process of its harvesting and planting is all very easy.

Apart from the other green vegetables, if you get potatoes at home only then it will be better in both taste and quality than in the market and store kept potatoes. To plant the house, you can start the upcoming varieties. It requires a quiet climate, so in hot climatic areas, it is grown in cold weather.


Scientific name                    Solanum tuberosum

Common name                    Potato

Plant type                              Vegetable

Sun requires                          Full sun

Soil                                          Sandy soil

Soil pH                                   5.0-6.0

Zone                                        1-7

Growing potatoes

  • Solanum tuberosum plants prefer full sun, so the plants in containers require at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight.
  • They flourish well at 60 degrees F (16 ° C) temperature. Potato seeds mature in 70 to 90 days.
  • Choose potatoes for container gardening that are certified and free from diseases.
  • To grow potatoes, you can use such potatoes whose eyes have turned out, for that you use a small potato or a big potato slice, which has at least two eyes.
  • Potatoes grow well in the ordinary soil of the field, if you plant it in the container, then mix the perlite mixture.

Potato in pots

How to Grow Potatoes in a container

  • Planting in the container and on the ground is almost identical.
  • For this, choose a place where full sunlight is coming. It is also very necessary for loose soil so that the roots and tubers can grow well.
  • Plants grow 2 weeks before the last spring cold. Although you can plant a crop before that, due to the cold the fear of degradation remains.
  • If you want to grow a piece of potato, then cut it off 1-2 days before it, so that the pieces of potato will be healed and they will get an opportunity to make a protective layer. By which the risk of rot will be reduced.
  • For this, choose a larger size container, check in this container, whether the drainage hole is or not.
  • Lay a layer of gravel at the bottom. Then fill with the Potting Mix and the perlite mixture. Read more.

Traditional tips of growing potatoes

  • This ground is leveled after loosening the soil. Then around 6 inches, the shallow ditch is dug.
  • Solanum tuberosum Plants are kept in this trench. Keep the potatoes in such a way that his eyes remain on the upper side.
  • Then cover the potatoes with soil to some height.
  • When the potato plants come out and as they grow older, hill the soil on both sides of the trench. The loose soil is not resistible to the tubers that develop.
  • It is not a hindrance to the growth of tubers due to soil erosion.
  • When the height of the plant reaches 4 to 6 inches. Keep hilling the soil till then begin to flower, stop hilling the soil. Find it more.

 Potato care

  • Solanum tuberosum plants require well-drained and loose soil.
  • Require moisture regularly, so keep water continuously until it starts forming a tuber.
  • When the plant is 6 inches tall, then bury its roots with loose soil.
  • With the burial of loose soil, its tubers are avoided by greening, it produces a chemical called Solanin, which is toxic. So you should not eat green potatoes.
  • Hill your potatoes every couple of weeks, it protects your crop.

Pests problems potatoes

  • Aphids, Flea Beatles, Leaf Hoppers, etc. are common pests that harm them. The thin red-like wireworm causes damage to the underground. Rotate crops to avoid wireworms.
  • Scab is the common disease of potatoes. Which looks like a scaly hole in the cork area. Low soil pH will help to avoid it.
  • Late blight, badly damages the potato. Due to this, the leaves of the plants become black. To prevent this problem, Use the certified and disease resistant potato seed. Find it more.


Harvesting potatoes

  • After growing, Solanum tuberosum takes 2-4 months to complete it. Wait for mature.
  • When the potato plants begin to die from above, it means the harvest is ready. You can leave it on the ground for a few weeks, but do not let the ground wet.
    At the time when you leave the potatoes on the ground, this time allows enough time to come and develop a thick skin.
  • You can take out the shovel or hand to get tubers. Dig carefully and take out the tubers.
  • Wash off the potatoes thoroughly and clean the soil, then keep it in a dry place (45 degrees to 65 degrees F) for two weeks. This time it cures its skin.

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Happy Gardening.

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