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Drought Tolerant Plants

8 Best Drought Tolerant Plants | Drought resistant plants

Best Drought Tolerant Plants

There are some plants that can live for days without water. These plants are a little care you can punish them on the window or inside the room. These are the plants that maintain greenery and also provide oxygen. However, every plant requires little care. These plants are a good choice for you when you forget to water them.

1. ZZ plants

This plant is one of the latest house plant worlds is familiar with the new. ZZ plant is stylish attractive and easy to care. This is without adverse effects on other plants that may be impervious to insects engaged in. These plants are Drought Tolerant Plants and do not require continuous watering to survive, leaves of over-watering plants turn yellow and tubers rot. Plants grow in moist soil, the late spring season is well adapted to them.

Drought Tolerant Plants

2. Succulents

The leaves and stems of plants are Succulent specials, which is full of water, that’s why the leaves are thick. The succulent texture is attractive because of its special place in the home garden. Succulent position because of its unusual and striking as ornamental plants are quite in vogue. Succulent water once a week is enough. There are several species of Succulent; they are far from green to dark purple. Some species are in flower. These are best Drought Tolerant Plants happy with the sunny and dry air.

Drought Tolerant Plants

3. Spurge (Euphorbia)

During the spring and summer season, it could survive with minimal water. In the winter when it gets cold and the ground should be completely dry before do not water. It’s better than juicy plants. Its plants and habitats were a varied genus, lush grass, and trees to herbaceous perennials and evergreen compact Succulent herbaceous shrubs. There are 100 of spurge varieties.  The unique composition of flowers in many colors, yellow, red, purple, brown or green colors is. Spurge is suitable for the rock garden. It is well dried tropical gardens, warm or temperate greenhouse are conducive. They ventured milky juice could cause skin irritation or severe discomfort.

Drought Tolerant Plants

4. Beaucarnearecurvata (Ponytail)

Beaucarnearecurvata is also called ponytail palm. It is a specific kind of domestic plant, whose stem from the bottom is thicker and rounded, in which water is collected. Its long narrow dark green curly leaves flow up from this base they are spread like fountains.

This Elegant, curious and beautiful tree for several years the plant becomes significantly taller. It natively hails from dry regions of Mexico. Due to their ability to hold water in the trunk survive in a dry place. These plants are Drought Tolerant Plants able to survive with little water and care.

Drought Tolerant Plants

5. Epipremnum  Best Drought Tolerant Plant

The plant has many common names, such as golden pothos, hunter’s robe, ivy arum, money plant, silver vine, Solomon Islands ivy, and taro vine known. It is hard to kill, so it is known by the name of the vine of devil’s is. This is an evergreen perennial vine. 4 to 5 days in the spring and summer watering is required. In the winter, when the water it once a week is enough. This evergreen plant is climbed automatically. The leaves are glossy and dark green and yellow, light green spots on the leaves are.

Drought Tolerant Plants

6. Cactus Plant (Cereus)

Cereus is a genus of cacti (family Cactaceae) including around 33 species of large columnar cacti from South America.  Cereus cactus ( Night blooming cactus) flower, white crests are of them quite attractive. It took quite a large size at maturity fragrant flowers bloom. Its flowers bloom every two weeks in the middle of summer. Cacti are plants that store water. They should be not water throughout the winter months best Drought Tolerant Plant, In the spring season, some water may require.
Cereuscactus is low-care plants that are growing fast with their exotic beauty. These plants love sunlight occurs. This Hardiness plant survives in Zone 10.

Drought Tolerant Plants

7.Rubber Tree (Ficus Elastica)

Ficus Elastica, the rubber fig, rubber bush, rubber tree, rubber plant, or Indian rubber bush is a species of plant in the fig genus, native to northeast India, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma. China, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Rubber plants are an ornamental plant. Indoor grows its many species and required less water. It is a natural habitat of more than 30 meters long, though it can be managed at home with a height. Who put in the home the plant height of 8 feet and leaves are attractive. This is the best Drought Tolerant Plants you can grow at home.

Drought Tolerant Plants

8 Sansevieriatrifasciata

This evergreen plant is a small, keeps the water in its leaves. That is the lack of water is drying up the plant. The plant is not from a lack of water dries. The plant’s leaves are dark green stripes on them in a light color. The mother-in-law’s tongue and snake plant called Plant. The plants would not matter, even if the long interval between watering.

Drought Tolerant Plants

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