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Cocoa tree

Growing Cocoa tree | Cocoa plant | Health Benefits of Cocoa | Cocoa care

Cocoa tree is a tropical evergreen tree

Theobroma cacao or Cocoa tree is a tropical tree which is native to South America to the east of the Andes. Cocoa tree produces cocoa beans from which a bitter drink is made calls as “cocoa” this drink is very bitter in taste this is the initial stage of making chocolate. So in this article, we will be sharing information about Growing information Cocoa tree, How to grow Cocoa in a container, Cocoa care, Health benefits of Cocoa, Propagation of cocoa tree.

It is a wonder that ‘Where do cocoa beans grow?’ Cacao beans trees are very beautiful, they are theobroma cocoa species and it grows in the tree pods. These trees grow successfully in cocoa belt areas.

The geographic location of the cocoa tree

Read about the geographic location of the cocoa tree, where it is grown, at what temperature in what surroundings.

Cocoa tree is native to South America. It grows mostly in areas producing annual rainfall of 1000mL – 2000 mL. Since this tree is native to areas with heavy rainfall, therefore it cannot bare temperature below 15°C. This tree thrives in a temperature of 15-35° C and above. It cultivates largely in areas above sea level and in rainforests.

Cocoa tree

Main uses of Cocoa

Its main uses are for food, medicines, cosmetics, gardens.

Popular names

Coco, cocoa, kakkavo, kokkoo, cacao, chocolate etc.

Cocoa tree

Growing information Cocoa tree

Read about the criteria required for growing a cocoa tree, type of soil, appropriate temperature, and weather conditions

Cocoa tree is a tree which does not require much attention. But some basic things that you should know are:


It cannot thrive in areas below 16° C. it needs the maximum annual average temperature in between 30° C – 32° C. and the minimum average is 18° C – 21° C.  Read.


It grows best in red soil with pH ranging in between 4 – 8 i.e. normal soil. Know about the preparation of an ideal soil.

Weather conditions

Cocoa tree is a tropical evergreen tree; you will mostly find this tree in rainforests. The cocoa tree can adapt to any climatic conditions. It normally grows at an altitude of 1200M and with an annual rainfall of 1000 mL – 2000 mL

Cocoa tree

How to grow Cocoa in a container

Cocoa tree grows into a big tree but can it be grown in small areas also? read about growing a cocoa tree in small areas or containers.

Cocoa trees are not very big trees it’s average height reaches up to 4-5 M if you have a greenhouse and want to grow cocoa tree all you have to do is take a slightly bigger pot and place some soil and dried leave into it. Since the soil in the pot cannot mix naturally and get manures naturally you will have to prepare the soil after a few days to know more about garden care. This way you can enjoy cocoa tree at homes. We have discussed all the necessary details about growing cocoa tree same goes with growing this tree in pots also.

Propagation of cocoa tree

Cocoa tree is grown from seeds. The seeds produce good plants, when the bean is not ripened more than 15 days, seeds produce good plants. It can also be propagated by cutting. Cutting of trees is taken between 2 to 5 leaves and one for two buds, cut the leaves half before planting. Cover it with polythene after planting it in a pot, until the roots are not visible. When the roots become slightly mature, transfer it.  Read more.

Cocoa care

Problem with Cocoa tree

Read about diseases, medications and other measures you need to take care while growing a cocoa plant at home.

The biggest threat to cocoa beans is: Black pod disease

Black pod disease in cocoa tree leads the cocoa pods to grow black, shrivel and ultimately die this disease spreads like fungus and infect other cocoa trees also.

Precautions you need to take for growing cocoa tree

  • Grow cocoa trees at some distance from each other so the, if one plant gets infected the infection doesn’t propagate to other cocoa trees.
  • Make sure planting sites have good drainage, so water doesn’t accumulate near the tree for a long time.
  • Cut off pods showing early signs of infection immediately.
  • Use pest control to stop animals from spreading the disease as small insects are a big reason in spreading infections
  • Spray infected plants with certain copper-based fungicides.

There are many other threats to this tree but black pod diseases are the most dangerous and biggest disease. So if you notice any strange activity in the tree immediately remove that part of the tree and take the recommended actions.

It is suggested not to use too many pesticides on trees as it can affect the fruit quality and its nutrients.

Some basic points you need to know before growing any kind of tree or plant.

  • Do not allow not biodegradable waste near any tree.
  • If you want to dump biodegradable waste make a deep pit slightly away from the area of the reach of tree’s roots dump the waste and cover it with dry leaves and then cover it completely with soil.
  • Water the tree regularly and let it grow under natural conditions.
  • If necessary use pesticides that are mild only two times in the entire cultivation time i.e. one at the early stage when it starts blooming and other when it starts budding fruits.
  • You are allowing the tree to grow naturally under suitable weather conditions it reduces the risk of plants getting any diseases.

Health benefits of Cocoa

  • In this polyphenol is found naturally, due to which it affects antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.
  • There are also other benefits like reducing blood sugar, swelling, better blood flow, and also in low blood pressure.
  • Cocoa contains flavanols which improve the level of nitric oxide in the blood, it increases the function of your blood vessels and reduces blood pressure.
  • According to various studies, its use may reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • Polyphenols found in it improve blood flow in your brain and brain function
  • With different types of uses, it improves the symptoms of mood and depression.
  • It is used in weight control in many ways.
  • It has the properties of cancer-protection. Read more.

This was all about growing cocoa tree hope you liked our post.

Thank you and happy gardening.

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