Lauki ka Halwa recipes | Doodhi Pudding recipe | Loki ka Halwa

Lauki ka Halwa recipes | Doodhi Pudding recipe | Loki ka Halwa

Lauki ka Halwa recipe

Know Lauki ka Halwa recipes, Doodhi Pudding recipe, Loki ka Halwa in this article.  Lauki ka Halwa is a creamy Indian dessert recipe made from bottle guards. It contains a mixture of full cream milk and sugar, with a fresh grated green gourd. This is done in a traditional way even today, people prepare their homes. This classic dessert can make you any festival, it is not only delicious but also high in nutrition and fiber, and therefore Indians also use it in fasting.

There are their own ways to prepare the Lauki ka Halwa (Doodhi Pudding), which varies with its location or region. Some people make it using thick milk and some people use milkmaid. We have used fresh cream milk and khoya in our Lauki ka halwa recipes. If you prepare it with milkmaid then extra sugar is not needed. The grated bottle gourd cooked well in the prepared halwa with fresh milk and tastes well, but it takes more time to make. If you have less time then you should use the milkmaid.

Preparation time                        10 minutes

Cooking time                30 minutes

Serve                            04

Difficulty level               Easy

Lauki ka Halwa

Ingredients for Lauki ka Halwa

Lauki, ghiya (Bottle gourd)                                  500grams

Milk                                                      1/2 cup

Cashew nuts                                         5-6Nos (Chopped)

Almonds                                                           5-6 (Chopped)

Sugar                                                   02tbsp

Kishmish (Raisins)                                 12-15Nos

Pure Ghee or Butter                               ¼ cup

For Khoya

You can make khoya at home if you have a shortage of time then you can buy high-quality khoya (Evaporated Milk) from the market.

Milk powder                                          1/2 cup

Milk full cream                                       1/2 cup

Pure Ghee or Butter                               01tsp

Cardamom  powder                               ¼ tsp

Lauki ka Halwa

How to make Lauki ka Halwa

  • First, heat some ghee in the pan, add cashews, almonds, and raisins, and fry them, keep aside.
  • Wash Bottle gourd thoroughly and peel it, grab it all around and leave the part of the seed, you can also grind the food processor. Then put it in a separate vessel.
  • Heat the pan over the gas, add grated gourd in it, and cook it. When you cook a little bit, then add sugar as per the above-mentioned quantity, add milk on it, and cook. Keep the gourd in a little while, you will see that the water released from gourd will dry slowly. Cook until it gets dry completely.
  • Now add ghee to the pan and heat it, then add a mixture of dried gourd and sugar in it and roast for 5-7 minutes. Now add the roasted cashews, almonds and raisins in it and keep stirring the halwa, the pudding will be ready in 5-6 minutes. Turn the gas off. Add the cardamom powder and mix it.


  • When peeling the gourd, leave the middle part and grate the gourd. Otherwise, the Halwa (pudding )will not be delicious.
  • To reduce the cooking time, use evaporated milk (Khoya) instead.
  • When making pudding, stir pan continuously and keep the medium flame, it will not paste on the surface of the pan.

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