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How to Grow Kalanchoe | growing Kalanchoe | kalanchoe care

bryophyllum | kalanchoe care

Kalanchoe (kalanchoe blossfeldiana) Learn how to grow Kalanchoe at home. Know kalanchoe care tips, kalanchoe propagation, and type of atmospheric requirements best for bryophyllum plant. Kalanchoe is a flowering plant with 125 species. This plant is from crassulaceae family,  it is native to Madagascar, Africa. Kalanchoe plants are succulent having thick leaves. kalanchoe blossfeldiana flowers can be found very easily. These …

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10 Best vegetables to grow in pots | vegetable in container garden

Best vegetables to grow in pots

vegetable in container garden 10 Best vegetables to grow in pots | vegetable in container garden. Agriculture is almost closed in urban areas, its biggest reason being lack of space. This is why vegetable growing in pots is increasing passion. People are now understanding the importance of planting saplings in pots with a small garden. People have chosen balconies, kitchen windows, and …

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5 types of air plants for your home | air plants care

types of air plants | air plants care | Tillandsia

Types of air plants (sky plants) types of air plants for your home | air plants care. Air plants (Tillandsia) became hugely popular. In recent years, these unique plants have made their way into homes as a decor staple. Even as their name suggests, sky plants will accept their roots within the air, no soil required. People love them for …

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Orchids care | How to care Orchid | Orchid flower care

Orchids care | Orchid flower care

Orchids Orchids care | How to care Orchid | Orchid flower care.  Orchid care varies counting on the sort of plant. Ideally, one should ask a nursery regarding the precise orchid and its needs. There are, however, some basic instructions that an individual can safely follow when caring for their orchid plants.  See Growing information Orchids. Facts about orchids The flowers …

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Growing Petunias | How to grow and care of Petunia plant

Growing Petunias | Petunia plant

Growing Petunias Growing Petunias | How to grow and care of Petunia plant, Growing Petunia flower, etc are some such information that you can find abundant petunia flowers in your garden. Petunias approximately 35 species are known, they are native to South America. Most gardeners use petunia for attractive landscape lanes in their gardens. Petunia is easy to grow where you …

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How to Grow Poppies | Growing Poppies in pots | Papaver

Poppies | Poppies flower

Growing Poppies Poppies flower is beautiful, attractive, and vibrant border plants of your Garden, which can give a high performance. This plant has different importance in the world according to culture and religion. They also have their influence due to the medicinal properties. Learn How to Grow Poppies, Growing Poppies in pots, Papaver care, pests, and diseases of poppy plant advice by …

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How to care for Rubber plant | Growing  Rubber tree plants | Ficus elastica

Rubber plant

Rubber plant (Ficus elastica) Learn How to care for Rubber plant, Growing Rubber plants, Pests problems, rubber tree plant care, and more about these plants. Rubber plants are native to Malaysia and India and grow naturally in rainforests and tropical regions. The rubber plant (Ficus elastica) is known as rubber fig, rubber bush, rubber plant, or Indian rubber bush. Ficus …

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How to Grow Gaillardia Flowers | Growing Gaillardia From a Seed | Blanket Flowers


Gaillardia (gaillardia grandiflora) Learn How to Grow Gaillardia Flowers, Growing Gaillardia From a Seed, Blanket Flowers care, gaillardia flowers pest problems, and more about this plant.  The drought-tolerant flowers of the Gaillardia, or blanket flower, come in both annual and perennial varieties and are easy to grow. These daisy-like flowers are short-lived and bright red, orange, and yellow-colored. There are …

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How to grow Carnation flower | Growing Dianthus Flower in pots | Carnation flower


Growing Carnation flower  (Dianthus) Learn How to grow Perennial Carnation Flower, Growing Dianthus Flower in pots, pets problem, and care.  Dianthus plants in the garden are hardy annual, biennial or perennial, these attractive flowers are used as borders or spotted displays. Flowers are easy to care for and they are rich in versatility. In many dianthus plants, the foliage is …

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How to Grow Thyme | Growing thyme in Pots | Thyme care

Growing thyme herb Learn How to Grow Thyme, Growing thyme in Pots, care, and more growing information in this article. Thyme herb is a pungent, woody perennial and wonderful herb. It is an aromatic herb native to the Mediterranean Sea, preferring a warm, dry climate with sandy, rocky soil. Ornamental culinary varieties of thyme are used in soups and vegetables. Thyme …

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