Window Box Garden | Impressive way of gardening

Window Box Garden | Impressive way of gardening

Window Box Garden | Impressive way of gardening

By: Yash                                                                  Date 01.12.2016

Windows box to gardening successfully requires little effort. Implementing a few tips to Nature Bring. You will be successful get through this suggestion. Here we have some basics such as plants, Potting Mix, Watering, Fertilizing and give information about the container. If you’re beginning to garden, then it will find much information.


Material Needed:

To create a successful window box garden you will need window box, Potting mix, plants with flowering plants and foliage, soluble fertilizer, and water.

Here are some points that need attention:

Select a box to match the style of your home. Softwoods or hardwoods are more suitable host they are easy to paint and are easy to maintain. Though your plastic, metal, terracotta etc can be used but is a little difficult.

Pay particular attention to before applying Window box. The length of the box must be equal to the width of the window. At least 8 inches deep and 8 inches wide, the box should be. Select a plant whose roots are not too deep.

You own it, you can make the wooden box 1-inch thick wooden board, screw Bros, with waterproof glue, can make a fixed-size box. Drainage hole in the bottom is necessary.

What to grow:

  • Many good vegetables and flowering plants whose roots are not deep enough, you are growing in window These greens lettuce, spinach, can grow. If you want to grow tomatoes, carrots or tubers you need deep window box. Spices such as Oregano, basil, and chives grow well you can put in the window box.
  • Prior the selection of the plant it is necessary to know that the sunlight is coming or not.
  • Color scheme to suit the color of landscape and home to home.
  • You should select the perennial plant’s bloom, or the flowers bloom when the note or that only bloom where their sunlight.
  • It takes some plants are flowering and some are foliage.
  • Evergreen plants are the best choice because they are brightly throughout the year.
  • You can grow strawberries, radishes, Leaf lettuce, Spinach, Green onions, Aloe and Herbs like Parsley, Sage, Oregano, and Basil.

Potting mix:

You should use potting mix always. Potting mix in other ingredients, with peat moss, perlite and other ingredients that improve, water storage capacity and improve drainage increases. Use such ingredients to keep the soil wet.

Caring for plants:

  • You can put your plants in containers.
  • Plant put in a container and fills around the bark or a lighter substance must be.
  • Window box must care routine. Rose water, soluble fertilizer use and by removing the faded leaves and flowers you can keep the window box-maintain.
  • Windows boxes in the plants require frequent watering.
  • Always water the plants at intervals of a week or packet Always use water-soluble within a week or according to package instructions.
  • Dead flowers and dead stems separating from plants so it looks healthy. Some plants can also bring a new look to replace.

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