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Aspirin uses in the garden: Nature Bring

Aspirin uses in the garden: Nature Bring

 Written by: Sneha                                                Date: 3.04.2017

 About Aspirin:

You have heard that the doctor recommends taking aspirin for any disease, but have you heard that aspirin is beneficial for plant diseases also. Salicylic acid is an active ingredient in aspirin and isolated from the willow bark. This is actually a ground Willow bark  that improves the health of the plant.  The aspirin tablets mix with water and spray the entire plant, you will get amazing results. Aspirin works uncommonly in-home plants. If you use this mixture on the plant, it develops the plant’s immune system, and the plant becomes disease free .

Promote The Plant’s immune system:

Agricultural research services use salicylic acid from yearly to protect the potato from the disease transferred by the beetle. Salicylic acid is an important component of aspirin, which provides relief from swelling and pain in humans. In the plant it protects from microbial or insect attack. Therefore, people use Aspirin to increase the plant’s immune system.

How to use Aspirin in the garden:

  • Stir in an  aspirin in 1 gallon water, and stir until it dissolves completely. Then add liquid dish soap in it and stir again.
  • Fill the soluble mixture in the sprayer, if the aspirin is not completely dissolve, then wait a bit, because it can choke the spray nozzle.
  • Spray once a month, do not water the plant immediately after the spraying, otherwise the spray you have done can be washed.
  • Water the plant roots. Repeat this process every month.



Aspirin use in vegetables:

A few years ago, at University of Organic Vegetable Garden, Rhode Island, in Kingston, it was discovered that spraying of aspirin-containing water increases yields. It also increases the quality of tomatoes, eggplant, basil and other vegetables. Although there is a change in the yield by adding fertilizer to the soil, but the use of aspirin spray also brings unprecedented change in the production of vegetables. Use it every 3 weeks. Because aspirin contains salicylic acid, it enhances the natural protection of plants and increases the growth rate. Comparative studies found that plants using aspirin were much more protected and developed than those plants which used commercial bio. For more information see University of Rhode Island Demonstration Vegetable Garden.

Use in fungal disease :

Normally fungal diseases spread through soil. According to the study of US Department of Agriculture, the spread of fungi can be greatly reduced by the use of aspirin spray. Help in preventing infection by blight, which can turn them into mouth.


Use in tomato plant :

From blight, wilt and other types of diseases and insects is upset to Gardner who planted tomato plants but aspirin is an effective solution. Scientist says that Aspirin is a wonderful medicine for healthy tomatoes. If it is to be fed to tomato plant, it helps in removing diseases and increasing the yield. For more information see the Dailymail.

As a routing hormones:

When you want to develop the cutting of a plant, it acts like a routing hormone. To make routing hormones, take the pure water in the glass and pour a tablet of asprin in it; it dissolves completely, then the plant which is to propagation, coat it on the lower surface of the cutting, and leave for some time . Plant it later.

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