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Grow Rambutan |Home Gardening |Healthy Garden |Health through Nature |Easy growing tips

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It is an exotic fruit, along with Rambutan marvelous test and unique appearance, it also has many health benefits, how to develop this exotic fruit at home.

Rambutan is a tropical exotic plant which is native to Southeast Asia. It has a hair like an appearance which tastes similar to that of lychee, logan, and mamoncillo. It is very juicy and sweet in taste. To know more about rambutan and its health benefits (Read here). In this article, we will be sharing information about growing this tree in the large and small area, terms, and condition required for growing, soil type, weather conditions, precautions, pests, and medications.


Rambutan is a tree which does not require much attention. But some basic things that you should know are.


it cannot thrive in cold areas below 10° C. it needs a temperature above 20° C – 30° C sometimes below 50°C will work for it. Rambutan is native to Southeast Asia. It grows mostly in warm areas like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Florida, Sri-Lanka and other warm areas. Since this tree is native to warm areas, therefore it cannot bare temperature below 10°C. This tree thrives in a temperature of 20-30° C and above. It cultivates largely in areas near the equator and areas above sea level.


It grows best in the loamy soil which is ideal for growing any type of plants. As it contains appropriate amount clay, stilt, water, and hummus. Though this type of soil is hard to find if you want to know about the preparation of this ideal soil, don’t worry you can grow this tree in Clay soil also.


In order to grow rambutan, you need to take care of its water intake. Make sure it has proper drainage and water doesn’t stay in its roots for a longer time.


Not everyone lives in warm climates if you live in cold climates and still want to enjoy eating this fruit. Then don’t worry we have a solution for that also. Big trees are difficult to grow in the greenhouse as this can reach to a height of 20 M. so if you have a greenhouse and want to grow rambutan all you have to do is take a slightly bigger pot and place some soil and dried leave into it. Since the soil in the pot cannot mix naturally and get manures naturally you will have to prepare the soil after few days click here to know more about Rambutan.


  • It is suggested not to use any pesticides on trees as it can affect the fruit quality and its nutrients. Points you need to take care while growing any tree to make it healthy:
  • Do not allow not biodegradable waste near any tree.
  • If you want to dump biodegradable waste make a deep pit slightly away from the area of the reach of tree’s roots dump the waste and cover it with dry leaves and then cover it completely with soil.
  • Water the tree regularly and let it grow under natural conditions.
  • If necessary use pesticides that are mild only two times in the entire cultivation time i.e. one at the early stage when it starts blooming and other when it starts budding fruits.
  • If you are allowing the tree to grow naturally under suitable weather conditions it reduces the risk of plants getting any diseases.
  • This was all about growing rambutan hope you liked our post. Read more.


Thank you and happy gardening.

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