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Christmas cactus
Christmas cactus in pot

How to grow Christmas cactus | Thanksgiving Cactus | Holiday cactus

Christmas cactus ( Thanksgiving Cactus)

Learn How to grow Christmas cactus (Thanksgiving cactus), A secret of blooming Christmas cactus, Growing Thanksgiving cactus and more about this plant.  They do not look like a cactus, but in reality, this is the member of the cactus family and come in two varieties. Schlumbergera X buckleyi Christmas Cactus blooms in December and Schlumbergera truncata blooms in November and is known as Thanksgiving Cactus. Thanksgiving cactus blooms from November to January.

We want to put plants inside our home which are clean the air inside, Christmas cactus is a good choice. It grows in indirect, bright light. If you want to keep it indoors throughout the year, you will have to keep it near a sunny window or door, and if you keep it outdoors during the spring and summer, keep it in the shadow.

If you keep Thanksgiving cactus in very high heat and direct sunlight then it will have an impact on the growth and the leaves will burn. To avoid damage to the plant, keep it away from a heating vent or other heat sources.


Scientific name                    Schlumbergera hybrids

Common name                   Christmas cactus, Thanksgiving Cactus, Holiday cactus

Plant type                            Houseplant

Sun requires                        Part Sun

Blooming time                    November to January

Flower colors                      Pink

Soil                                      Rich, Well-drained

Soil pH                                6.0-7.0

Zone                                   9-11

Christmas cactus

A secret of blooming Christmas cactus

  • This plant is known as cactus, but in fact, it is a lush and it has originated in the tropical region. Christmas cactus has to adhere to a strict rule to blossom in the holidays. The process of making this plant buds and flowers takes four weeks and requires darkness.
  • At the end of September or early October, you put your plants in the dark place, if it is kept in a lighted place or in the day, and then cover it in a box for at least 12 hours.
  • When small buds appear in the plant then you can eliminate it by light / dark schedule, it takes about three to four weeks.
  • When the buds grow up, you can take your plant in the desirable area but should avoid excessive temperature or light change.
  • Continue feeding during the growing season of the plant and flowering. Read more.
Christmas cactus
Christmas cactus in pot

How to grow Christmas cactus (Thanksgiving cactus)

Christmas cacti are usually placed in a container of 4 “or 6”, it is also applied in the hanging basket. These can be long-running home plants.

Plant the Christmas cactus in the growing mixture, because it regulates the moisture available to the plant. It is well drained and ideal. You can also prepare this mixture at home or use succulent soil, for this you should use sand, perlite and leaf mold with the soil of the garden in about 4-2-1 balance. Vermiculite and sand can be a better option for drainage. Cow dung is good manure and works well.


Thanksgiving cactus performs best in bright and natural light, do not keep them in the sunlight directly or else its fleshy leaves will burn. Although they do not grow well in the full sun, they require bright light to good looking.


Since they rain forest likes the environment, the plant needs humidity. Then you put water in a shallow pan under the plant’s pot. After filling the gravel and water in a plate, place it under the plant’s pot.


Contrary to cactus nature, Thanksgiving cactus requires water because they are the native inhabitants of the rainforest. When you see the top of the soil dry, then it should give you water immediately. Avoid giving you extra water if your plant is in the container.  Cactus requires more water during the growing period and flowering, but do not change the amount of water it provides. Do not allow water logging in the soil, it can encourage roots and stems to rot. Before draining the plant, check the drainage hole in the container.


These plants are not heavy feeders, so you do not have to worry about fertilizer, feed 20-20-20 liquid balance fertilizers from spring to fall once in a month. There is no need to feed in the whole winter.


It is very easy to propagate Christmas cactus, all you have to do is put the trimmed sections in a dusty new container during the pruning of the health plant; bury the last section of the segment under the soil. If you take the propagation in the spring months, you will get the best results. Read more.

Christmas cactus care

  • The top of the soil in the container is dry on touch, then the plant needs water. There should be good drainage in the pot.
  • Pruning in June to encourage branches and more flowers.
  • If your plant is not blooming then it can be due to more sunlight and day temperature. Place the plant in 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Before the frost, take the plant inside the house and keep the clay dry clay. Start the budding regime in September. Read more.

Pest’s problem with Thanksgiving cactus

  • If your Thanksgiving cactus passes through any kind of stress, then it will drop its flowers. According to the discussion, it can be due to the amount of light, or a sudden change in temperature.
  • Plants may be susceptible to mealy bugs, and if there is a problem of waterlogging then the root rot can occur. If these problems occur then cut off the infected areas and re-pot them in clean soil.

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