Growing Crossandra flower | How to grow Crossandra in a container

Growing Crossandra flower | How to grow Crossandra in a container

Crossandra (Firecracker) flower

Learn growing Crossandra flower, how to grow Crossandra in a container,  Crossandra plant care, and more about this plants. Firecracker flower is usually growing in the form of a bed in the garden in subtropical and tropical areas, gardeners use it to create contrast from the point of view of color combination.

When these plants are grown with other shade-tolerant plants, they become even more valuable when these are included with impatiens plants, coleus, and shrimp plants. The attraction of the crossroads flower also happens inside the house.


Crossandra Flower

Due to blooming Brilliant clusters, it is also called a firecracker flower. Although it increases evergreen in the US Department of Agriculture’s Hardiness Zone 10 and 11, usually affects an indoor planting. When planted outdoors, these plants go up to a height of about 3 feet, but its potted plants usually tend to reach the height of 12 inches. If you get harsh frost, you can bring the potted plants inside safely. firecracker plants require relatively high water and humidity and they cannot tolerate cold.


Scientific name             Crossandrainfundibuliformis

Common name              Crossanda, firecracker flower

Plant type                     Flowering plant

Sun required                 Part Sun / Sun

Flower color                  Orange, pink, red, Yellow

Blooming time               May to September

Soil                              Well-drained organic-rich soil

Soil PH                         6.0- 7.5

Zone                             10- 11

Other popular names

It is also known by many other names in India. The main ones are Aboli / Priyadarsha in Hindi area, Aboli in Maharshtra, Kanakambaram in Tamilnadu, Kanakambara in Karnataka, Itimola in Orissa etc.


Growing condition of Crossandra flower

Soil and location

Firecracker plants perform best in bright and indirect sunlight. In the summer, you should not keep these plants in the sunlight directly and in the winter, keep it as much as possible in the outdoors.


Due to being a tropical plant, it cannot tolerate low temperatures and more frost. The proper temperature for its optimum development should be around 28-35 degrees Celsius.

Sowing time

Generally, the best time to sow Firecracker seeds is to 12 to 15 cm apart in the raised beds from July to October. Regularly irrigation is necessary. Approximately 2 months after planting, you can implant it in the main area.


Firecracker plant requires regular irrigation during planting and flowering phase. Irrigate the warm atmosphere and long dry weather every day, it will increase the flower production. Read more.


You can easily propagate the Cassandra with seeds and stem cutting. Take cutting in the spring season and dip in the routing hormones, plant the cutting in the seed-starting mix, you will get the best results. After a new growth, you plant it in a suitable place. Young plants grow fast and they need early re-pot.

How to grow  Crossandra plant in a container

  • To increase the Cassandra flower in the pot, fill the potting mixture, which is rich in organic matter.
    It is good soil to have moisture stored well. Check the proper drainage in the pot surface, so that excess moisture does not accumulate in the lower part of the pot, otherwise, the plant may root rot.
  • If you want to keep your pot in the indoor, you get sunlight for at least 6 hours. In the light sun of the morning, you can keep your container outdoor, but keep the container indoor the strong sun in the afternoon.
  • Potted plants require water because these plants prefer moisture. Be careful not to have water logging around the plant. If the upper surface of the soil in the pot is dry, give it water immediately. Do not let water gather on the drip tray, empty it.
  • Once a month in spring to fall, fertilize your plant according to the instructions on the packet when the plants are growing actively.
  • Cut dead flowers from stalks and separate them. Firecrackers grow flowers around the year, removing dead flowers improves the appearance of the plant.
  • When the size of the plant is large enough to re-pop it, its requirement falls in about 3 years. Read more.


Approximately 50 species of crossroads are found within the larger genus. All of these are native to sub-tropical areas including India, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Madagascar, where they are weak and borderless plants.

However, only one species of it is common, C undulifolia. This plant is native to Sri Lanka and South India, although the breeders have introduced some diverse color species, including Mona Wallhed, in which beautiful flowers come.

Crossandra flower care

  • Ventilation is required in summer, otherwise, the leaves are threatened with drafts.
  • To improve the plant branches, remove the young plant.
  • This plant does not tolerate gas combustion products.
  • During development, it is possible to trim the lateral branches to stimulate the flower of the plants.
  • Remove faded flowers immediately. This plant requires a clean process regularly. In this verb, you clean the leaves with soft clothes. Read more.

Pests Problems with Firecracker plant

Firecracker plants affected by a spider mite. If water is supplied excessively, its leaves, inflorescences, and stems may cause problems of rotting, often in the cold when excess water and moisture become stable. Due to excessive water, the leaves can also be soft.

With a strong supercooling, the plant usually left the leaves. If the environment is hotter and dry, the leaves turn twist. With a strong draft, the plant can wilt, and the leaves begin to fall. The production of flowers is affected by insufficient lighting.

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Happy gardening.

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