How to grow Edible Nasturtium Plant | Growing Nasturtium plant in containers

How to grow Edible Nasturtium Plant | Growing Nasturtium plant in containers

Nasturtium Plant

Learn How to Grow Edible Nasturtium Plant, Growing Nasturtium plant in containers, Care, and harvesting of the beautiful edible flower Nasturtium. Tropaeolum is commonly known as Nasturtium, it is an annual and perennial herbaceous flower plant. This is a normal plant, whose flowers and leaves are edible. Nasturtium plant is popular due to green leaves and vibrant flowers,  they are bisexual and zygomorphic, and with five petals have a better three carpels ovary. The leaves are round and a heart-shaped shield is in the stalk.

nasturtium flower

Overview of Nasturtium plant

You can easily grow in a container and use it to ground cover. Due to the attractive aroma, it is specially used as cut flowers. Nasturtium is easy to grow and they are rapidly developing. The nasturtium flower comes in the summer and autumn season of red, orange, and yellow colors. These have come in many varieties such as wild-type, single and double flowers. Gardeners select nasturtium flower because they are living in climbing or vertical gardens, ground covers, weed barriers, and mulch is living longer.

There are many types of nasturtium, which are easily used in the form of fencing, ground cover, window boxes, trellises, or container plants. But it is a downside, Tropaeolum is grown easily by self-seed, where you are not wanted. Nasturtium flower is not only beautiful to look at, but it is also a lot of vitamins. The biggest surprise is the flavor.

Classification Tropaeolum

Common Name                  Nasturtium

Scientific Name                   Tropaeolum

Plant Type                           Flower

Sun                                        Full Sun

Soil                                         Poor soil, well-drained

Flower Color                         Orange, Red, Yellow

Bloom time                           Summer, autumn

How to grow nasturtium

How to grow Nasturtium, the seed is more suitable, it is more convenient to place it in a fixed place because it is where you want it to grow, transplanting is not necessary.

  • This 4 to 6 weeks before the last spring or winter indoors can start by seed.
  • Tropaeolum plant seeds in the early spring season in moist but they required well-drained soils and full sun.
  • However, the seeds are growing in partial shade, but it blooms best in full sun.
  •  Tropaeolum is flourishing well in poor soil so it does not need fertilizer. The flowers are blooming in the less fertile soil.
  • Equal to twice the length of seed (approximately 1.5 cm or 1/2 inch) deep must Sow. Germinate seeds require darkness.  Read more.

how to grow nasturtium

Growing Nasturtium plant in containers

  • Tropaeolum plants are grown in poor soil and bright sunlight which require work care. It requires very little water. they don’t like fertilizer. This is the reason why it is preferred for hanging baskets and containers.
  • For this, you should choose a large pot 15-30 cm, before draining the plant, check the drainage hole.
  • As soon as the danger of cold is over in the early spring, you can plant it out with your container.
  • You should fill your container with commercial potting soil, do not use a fertilizer with this soil, because rich soil produces lush plants and the flowers bloom short.
  • After filling potting soil, moisten the soil well.
  • You can plant nasturtium seeds directly in the pot, you can transplant the plant too. Keep the seed in-depth with an of 1/2 inches, with a gap of 2-3 inches apart, and cover with a thin clay.
    Put the pot in the full sun, although it can tolerate partial shadows, the full light promotes its healthy growth and the large, blossoming.
  • When the soil surface appears dry, give the water immediately to the plant. Give the water until the drainage starts coming out of the hole. Re-water the plant after the drying surface. Read more.

Nasturtium Care

  • After sowing, well water and keep it free of weeds, within two months you will see vigorous growth.  This plant remains relatively trouble-free. Read more. 
  • On new leaves and flowers can attack aphids. The constant spray of water and the use of insecticidal soap.
  • Dead and fade Flowers cutting always, it will bloom longer.
  • In a growing season, you can plant in containers but pruning is necessary from time to time.

Harvesting nasturtium flower

  • Tropaeolum flowers and leaves are edible. The young leaves for salads or in the morning when the flowers bloom, the flowers are ready to break. Flower blooming in summer and the leaves will be the more pungent flavor.
  • If you can eat its flowers full flower petals slight taste more tart can be.
  • This can also use pasta. The seeds are used as a Black pepper.
  • Keep it safe when the seeds are dry or it will fall dries.

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Happy gardening.

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