How to grow Liatris | Blazing star | growing Liatris Plants in containers

How to grow Liatris | Blazing star | growing Liatris Plants in containers

Liatris (Blazing star )

Liatris is a popular plant known by names such as Blazing star, gayfeather or colic root. Blazing star blossoming in grass leaves and elongated spikes bloom with brush flowers, it is perennial plants blooming in the summer. How to grow Liatris, growing Liatris Plants in containers and care about this plant at home in this article.

Blazing star spans two to four feet tall spikes in which many small buds come out, it open from top to bottom. The flowering season of varies depending on species or variety, but most of the flowers bloom with late summer. Blazing star adds amazing vertical interest to your garden and excellent for the garden border. Its mostly species are perennial and are develops in U.S. Department of Agriculture hardiness zone 3-9. These spikes are generally very straightforward and do not require staking. Liatris likes very rich and humidified soil. Its flowers create attraction in summer and turn into a rich bronze in fall. It attracts butterflies, bees, and other insects. Nature Bring is giving you information on the growing and caring of plant Liatris.



Scientific name                    Liatrisspicata

Common name                   Blazing Star, Marsh Liatris

Plant type                              Flower plant

Sun required                        Full Sun

Soil                                         Any Soil

Soil PH                                  Slightly Acidic, Neutral

Flower color                          Magenta purple

Flowering Time                    Midsummer to fall

Zone                                       3-9

Growing condition Liatris

  • People say about Liatris (Blazing star), it is developed by the bulb, but technically it is called corms. However, these corms are structurally swollen dormant stem. Which produce flowers after about 3 months of planting in spring.
  • Big corms produce the most influential flowers. And you must use at least 3 inches diameter corms to develop its plants.
  • Plants are easy to grow You can easily grow them in any of these bedding, borders, and containers anywhere. These are high-quality cut flowers and you can use them as bouquets in dry flowers, they are relatively insect-resistant plants.
  • They generally prefer the presence of the full sun, can plant a particular species of plants in the shade. Apart from the conditions of the drought, it is also very tolerable to the cold.
  • Liatris blazing star easily grows in many types of soil, including rocky terrain, however, it is necessary drainage to avoid root rot. This plant likes slightly acid to neutral soil pH. Liatris in damp soil, it grows faster and blooms well, it likes little salt in dry conditions. They need fertilizer’s agent in poor soil, but in a rich soil, it does not need.
  • Put corms around the soil in about 1 inch, and then water well afterward. No irrigation is required before the corms emerge. Read more.

Liatris Plants Seeds

Some gardeners develop through Liatris Plants Seeds, although this is a way to save money by planting large scale. It takes about 1 month to germination of seeds of Liatris, and early spring and moist weather encourage it.

Blazing star seeds can be sown outdoors in the late fall. Plants developed by seeds do not produce flowers until the second year.

Growing Liatris Plants in containers

Liatris plants grow very well in containers, they prefer from the full sun to light shades. You can grow them by adding loamy and well-drained soil. You can grow divide plant into your container or develop it by seed. Seeds require a cold period to germinate. You can sow the seeds collected in the winter season. Germination of seeds in the springtime at this time the temperature gets warm.

Liatris care

  • Although Liatris is not a heavy feeder, if you directly use the soil of the garden or the bad soil, during the growing plant, once in the spring use balanced fertilizer in the spring, this will improve the production of flowers will happen.
  • Blazing star plants are drought tolerant, and plants established after the spring rain will tolerate dry spell.
  • During the hot weather once a week Give water in depth by 1 inch it will encourage the production of large flowers. Keep in mind that during the winter or the rainy season avoid standing water near the plant. They do not like wet feet.
  • To avoid plants from fungal diseases, apply water based on the plant or use drip irrigation.

Blazing star Pests and diseases

  • Blazing stars are deer-resistant like many native plants. If you are worried about deer problems, then apply deer-resistant perennial plants like Shasta daisy, purple coneflower or Russian sage.
  • Blazing Star plants are free of troubles, but there are some potential insects that trouble them. In warm and humid conditions, the leaves of the plant appear black or yellow spots which are called rust, it spreads slowly. Powder fungus is a common problem.
  • By the way, these diseases can be prevented, for this, separate the distance between the plant 12 inches apart, so that the air circulation can independently, if the crowd is over, then divide the plant. Use the drip system while giving water, and protect the leaves from getting wet. Extract diseased leaves immediately from the plant and destroy it. Website design & app developer. If the disease is more serious then use fungicide spray.


Liatris varieties

There are about 40 naturally occurring species of Liatris, in which spicata, aspera, and pycostachya are readily available.

Dotted Blazing Star: There are flavored flowers that bloom from August to fall.

Floristan White: The three-foot white flowers. They are blossom in July; its blooming time is long.

Kobold: These are compact flowers and bloom in late July.

Rough Blazing Star: Six feet tall plants are needed to support.

September Glory: blooms from August to September with 4 ft. tall spikes.

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