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Old Tires

Old Tires Garden | How to make tire garden | DIY projects

Old Tires Garden

Most people throw away the Old Tires coming out of the carriages. But you do not throw these tires, make your Old Tires Garden in different ways. It depends on your creativity, how you can make your garden attractive by using them. Learn Old tire garden (Recycling ), Make a pond and create beautiful tire garden, use old tires as planners,  use old tires as planners, Colorful containers, Make a Statue with an old tire ,Tire Garden planter, Natural play structures with Old Tires and more uses of tire in garden.

There are collaborators in this creative work, Nature Bring. Let us, and you together bring some new attraction to your garden. Here we have sorted out some special pictures for you, with the help of which you can easily create tire garden,

Old tires are not eco-friendly and they cannot be burnt to the point of view of the environmental damage. In such a way, I have presented all the thoughts given to you by linking, if there is any deficiency then tell us we will fix it links.

1. Old tire garden (Recycling )

Many people do not feel fair recycling old tires, your thinking is right, but if you can use it constructively from the point of view of environmental protection then this one attraction can be different. For this, we have collected old tires of different sizes. Then, after coloring them in attractive colors, a beautiful tire garden flower bed has been prepared. Read more.

Old Tires

2. Make a pond and create beautiful tire garden

If you want to add water to your garden landscape, use old tires to make a pond, it is a unique way of creating a charming pond. For this, you need a bigger size old tire, a crater in the garden equal to its size, and make sure the tires that are in use fit it completely. After this, you need a heavy plastic sheet, so that you cover the tire completely and tuck them in the tire. Fill it with water and decorate it around its sides. See to create.

 Old Tires

3. use old tires as planners

To increase the charm of your garden, you can use old tires as planters, for this, you can hang up and down two old tires in your backyard as shown in the picture. In these tires, you fill the garden soil and plant beautiful flowers. It is very easy, you can do it.  Credits | Source

Old Tires

From the old tires, you can prepare a beautiful flower bed, for this, you take the 3 old, same types of tires and cut them from the center. Then paint it in the colors of your choice, and submit them to the shape of the flower. Paint a tire separately and keep it in the middle. You will see that there is a beautiful flower-shaped bed in the middle of your garden. Fill the soil of the garden and grow beautiful plants. Credits | Source

Old Tires

5. Colorful containers

You can also use old tires as a colorful container and make a beautiful tire garden; it will also help in recycling with the beauty of the garden. Take the old tire in any size of your small or big size and cut it with half a saw or a sharp knife. To support the tire, make an iron rod stand. For this, you can also choose the base of a stool or broken chair.

Old Tires

6. Make a Statue with an old tire 

You can use old car tires as a garden statue in your garden, this can also be the focal point of the garden. There is an easy and good way to add creative experiments to your garden. After cutting the old tires half, make it cut on both sides of the date palm. At the place where you want to make it, there are two large older wood stems (which are exactly in curve shape). Apply green color on one-half of the tires and apply one spike on top of each. Then put them on the ground where you want. You can also color over these woods stems. See.

Old Tires

7. Tire Garden planter 

Tire Planter Edging is a very beautiful and easy way to use old tires. In this, only take the number of tires in the length and breadth of your garden. Fill in the color of your choice. And place it on the edge of your garden, then you can set them in garden edge and plant the flowers or vegetables you like. Credits | Source

Old Tires

8. Natural play structures with Old Tires 

You can create beautiful structures by using a gorgeous playground, play structures, Hobbit holes, tunnels under pump track, and using the old tire ground. In addition to everything other than the tires, all around you are available. This juicy track is playable by children and your garden is uniquely attractive. Credits | source.

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Old Tires

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