How to start a New Lawn from the seed | How to grow New Lawn

How to start a New Lawn from the seed | How to grow New Lawn

How to start a New Lawn from the seed | How to grow New Lawn

Written by: Ramchandra Bhatia                                        Date 27/08/2017

The velvets greenery spread across the garden and the flower plants on the other side bring peace to the mind. Whenever we see any lawn, our mind starts thinking about planting it. Before developing a new lawn, many thoughts start coming to our mind, how to develop it, which method will be better, through grass seed or laying sod. To make a new lawn from the seed, you need a little bit of patience and hard work.

A high-quality lawn is prepared from the laying sod, however, the seeding lawn is relatively cheap and offers a variety. To know which grass will be the best of your garden, you can get information from the nearby garden shop. Starting a lawn from the seed is like a project.  Most people take the help of professional people to prepare a new lawn. But it is not so, you can prepare lawns yourself and save money too. To prepare a new lawn Nurture Bring is making it easy to know.

A new lawn from seed

To develop the new lawn, first clean the weeds, old grass plants and the stones lying on the ground. If the roots of the grass are in it, then you dig it out by digging it with the shovel and remove it. Apart from this, you can also adopt the method of herbicide. You can also study our previous post for this.  After this, check your soil pH. Most lawn grasses like 6.0- 7.5 pH level. If pH is more or less than you can make acidic adjustments using Garden Lime. To develop a new lawn, you choose the seeds according to your budget and environment. What kind of lawn is developing, in the state of the full sun or partly?

Soil preparation

Soil preparation and care

  • Preparation of soil that means if you have a compact soil before developing a lawn, then it can be broken by loosening it, you can use the tillers, you will get it from the rental near Local Gardner.
  • Spread the starter fertilizer on loose soil. The amount of phosphorus in this type of fertilizer is high. In addition, you spread the conditioner in the entire soil.
  • If you have good manure at home, then use it, that is the best option. It will also modify the soil. To make the lawn successfully, it is the most important role of soil. Remove the debris and stones after leveling the soil.
  • Also keep in mind the problems of getting out of the water, the water of such a system can easily come out. For this, you can use rollers, like tillers.
  • After passing through all these processes, water the soil lightly.
  • After this you will need a seed spreader, many grass seeds are available in the market. You only use recommended seeds.
  • Expand 1/4 seed in the entire lawn. Repeat this process 3 times. Run the spreader in different directions, so that seeds can be spread to encourage the even dispersal in all directions. Find it more.

* If your soil is acidic in nature, you should add garden lime to the soil for its adjustment. And if your soil is alkaline (7.0 to 8.5 pH) then peat moss can be adjusted by adding it to the soil. And if you are more than 8.0 then you can reduce the soil pH by adding sulfur.


Immediately after planting the seeds of grass, sprinkle water by the sprinkler. Water three times daily for 10 days from the beginning. Do not give too much water, over-watering can destroy the soil and wash the seed. Give the water 20 minutes once a day, when the seeds get green sprouts. It is best to give water early in the morning because the vaporization will decrease by the sun at this time.


The new lawn grows very fast, so maintenance is required. You need to cut it. For this, you use the “Mower”. Combine the mower in the high setting. If you keep it very small, then there are weeds can sneak in.

Proper time to sow a new lawn  

It is also very important to know the proper time for planting the lawn. Preparation of grassing should be done when the ground is not frozen, it often happens in the early period of spring. At this time the temperature is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for developing new lawns. Generally, the early fall season is the best time to start the season grass. Mid-spring is the second best time. It is best to plant it in early spring during the summer season.

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