How to grow grow Cosmos flower | Growing annual plants Cosmos | Cosmos care

How to grow grow Cosmos flower | Growing annual plants Cosmos | Cosmos care


Growing Cosmos annual flower adds beauty to your summer garden, especially when used in informal beds, it is the best flower used in the use in borders and containers. Cosmos flower is popular and ornamental, they are annual plants is a native of Mexico, that blooms a long stem. Cosmos is a genus, with the same common name of cosmos, consisting of flowering plants in the sunflower family. learn how to grow cosmos, cosmos care, Cosmos flower, and more about this plant.

Cosmos flower

These plants are suitable for borders or containers. Cosmos flowers are attracting honeybees, butterflies, and birds. Cosmos flower is in vibrant colors red, yellow, orange, white, and pink. These plants have a height of about 6 feet and extend simple and cheap. This annual flower plant is used in many ways, such as indoor performances, as cut flowers or as background. Cosmos is a perennial species, but also the common garden plants are grown in the annuity. These plants can reseed but the seeds can be collected easily and can be used in the next season. See Annual flowers.

Classification cosmos annual flower

Common Name                    Cosmos

Scientific Name                    Cosmos

Plant Type                            Flowering plant

Height                                    6 feet

Sun                                         Full Sun

Soil                                         Loamy

Soil pH                                   6.0 to 6.8

Flower Color                         Pink. Orange, White, yellow

Bloom time                           Summer, Autumn

cosmos care

How to plant cosmos

  • These annual flower plants can be started 4 to 6 weeks before the last spring frost. Seedling is fast booming. As soon as the seeds become 3 to 4 inches long, they should be transplanted.
  • Its seeds are brown and can be easily handled; these seeds can be sown in the summer.
  • This annual flower plant seeds 1/4 inch deep in the moist soil too but it should completely dry. The plants do not need soil for the very rich, though rich soil encourages more foliage and bloom.
  • They can tolerate hot and dry weather.
  • The plants grow 18 to 60 inches long and can be grown anywhere.
  • If you develop by the seeds, keep in mind, they bloom for the first time take more than 7 weeks. After that, however, it continues to blossom until next winter.
  • Its prickly seeds are scattered here and there during the fall and these new plants are born.


If Natural Soil 6.0 to 6.8 pH is the best, but cosmos do not care about soil. They tend to grow in poor soils. However, given some fertilizer soil (rich soil) bloom in the well.

If sowing or transplanting in outdoors to wait for the frost until the frost has passed. It will grow very quickly but would die due to the cold. Read also.

Cosmos Care

  • Full sun for best blooming appearance is much better. However, they also bloom in partial shade but bloom and are relatively small.
  • It requires less maintenance, while prolonged droughts do not.
  • Let the water regularly, but do not let the plant more water. Much water and fertilizer are the effects of the plant’s blossom. Cosmos can tolerate dry soil, as far as the warm and dry atmosphere.
  • The plant does not need any fertilizer; it’s grown well in poor soil if the soil is to improve the impact on the bloom.
  • They are the only real maintenance is required, when the flowers have faded, deadheads and dried leaves should then be separated, flowers bloom longer.
  • These plants grow tall and strong winds are affecting them to the edge of the fence is more appropriate.


These plants are almost pests free.

Harvest Cosmos flower

  • Harvest while keeping in mind that some of the flowers and leave them on the plant, because the plant is self-seed.
  • You can break at any time after the plant’s bloom, but when it should be fully bloomed flowers and icing is more appropriate.

Double Butterfly Cosmos
Rose Bon Bon


French breeders have developed a very nice flower, the popular plant by the name of Rose Bon Bon, is similar to a rich romantic rose with petals, offering it double flowers. It is exceptionally beautiful and produces nearly 3-inch flowers which blossom non-stops on long stems, it blossoms abundantly in summer and fall and is a good cut flower. Butter like to visit these beautiful toys because they go above the thin cut leaves. Read more.

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