How to grow Yesterday Today and Tomorrow plant | Growing Brunsfelsia shrub

How to grow Yesterday Today and Tomorrow plant | Growing Brunsfelsia shrub

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow plant (Brunfelsia)

Learn How to grow Yesterday Today and Tomorrow plant, Growing Brunsfelsia shrub, and care. Brunfelsia (Brunfelsia pauciflora) is an evergreen shrub tree, also called yesterday today tomorrow plant. It is originally a South American resident and grows well in the US agricultural hardiness zones 9-12. This tropical plant is grown for ornamental and medicinal use.  Brunsfelsia shrub has purple flowers in summer, later faded lavender, and finally white. Due to the quick color change, it has been named yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow plant

Overview of Brunsfelsia plants  

Scientific name                 Brunfelsia pauciflora

Common name                Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

Plant type                           Evergreen  Shrub

Sun requires                      Full Sun / Part sun

Blooming time                   Early spring and Winter

Flower colors                     Purple

Soil                                      Rich soil

Soil pH                                5.5– 7

Zone                                   9-12

Growing yesterday today tomorrow plant


You can propagate Brunfelsia by seeds. Its seeds grow in pods, for this, let the pods dry on the plant, then remove seeds, it is ready for sowing. But keep in mind that its seeds are poisonous, keep it away from the reach of pets or children. You can also propagate this plant by cutting.

Soil and location

Yesterday today tomorrow plant prefers acidic soil if you apply acid fertilizer before planting will help the plant. Loam soil and a good amount of moisture are good for this plant. For moist soil, you should mix sand, silt, and organic matter in the soil. Brunsfelsia shrub performs well in full sunlight and partial shade, but move to shade to protect from more hot sunlight or afternoon sunlight. They also bloom well in partial shade.


Keep brunsfelsia bushes 3 feet apart in your garden, about 3 feet outside from the house. You can place it well in a large container.


The plant requires deep watering after planting, water it to a depth of about 9-10 inches. Water regularly to keep moisture in the plant during the growing season, do not allow the soil to dry completely. Reduce the amount of water during the winter season, stop giving water in the colder places. read also.


Feed your plants balanced fertilizers 10-10-10 before new growth in early spring. Spread the fertilizer around the bush and water it later, in the early spring it will stimulate the growth of the plant. Once in December and January, add a double dose of fish emulsion with high nitrogen potential to the soil.

Brunsfelsia Pruning

Yesterday today tomorrow plant requires pruning. Spring and early fall are the suitable seasons for pruning, so you can protect the plant from unwanted growth. With heavy pruning, you can keep it coming to 4 feet long and wide and maintain the proper shape.

* Brunsfelsia pouchiflora contains toxins, its seeds affect pets and children. Therefore, select the appropriate planting location.

Growing  Yesterday Today and Tomorrow plant in containers

Yesterday today tomorrow plant grows easily in large containers. If you live in cold areas, you can successfully grow this plant in your patio, in dangerous frost areas you can bring it indoors to avoid damage, and keep it out when the risk of cold is gone. Plants that grow in containers require pruning, which limits their size. While these plants often perform well in frost-free climates, it looks attractive as a porch plant.

  • Check the drainage hole in the surface of the pot in which you want to grow Brunfelsia. Fill the potting mix with enough perlite and vermiculite and moisten the soil.
  • To planting Brunfelsia cutting in a container, you cut with a sharp-edged knife. Take about 8 to 10 inches of healthy cutting, spring is the most suitable season for cutting.
  • Cut off the lower leaves of the cuttings. Dip the end portion of the cutting into the rooting hormone.
  • Water well after planting the cuttings to the containers, and place the pot in a light area where is no strong sunlight.
  • Keep watering the plant to maintain constant moisture in the soil. Cover it with a plastic sheet to preserve moisture.
  • Leave a little open at the end of the plastic sheet, this will encourage plant propagation. If new leaves are seen on cutting, then the root is developing. Remove the sheet and allow the plant to mature.
  • When the plant is slightly mature, transfer it to a large pot.

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Happy gardening.

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