Growing Golden Creeping Jenny | How to grow creeping jenny in a pot

Growing Golden Creeping Jenny | How to grow creeping jenny in a pot

Creeping Jenny (Lysimachianummularia ‘Aurea’)

Creeping Jenny (Lysimachianummularia ‘Aurea’) these are low growing Plants and also known as MoneyWart or Lymchachia. It is an evergreen perennial plant, but these are decorative invasive plants. It’s evergreen ground cover plants and covers very large part quickly, it is easy to grow incredibly in USDA zones 2 to 10.  Learn more about How to grow creeping jenny in the pot, growing golden creeping jenny and Golden Creeping Jenny Care in this article.

Golden creeping Jenny is a good choice for hanging baskets, container, ground cover plants, and planting them around the stone. It can be an elegant plant for hanging baskets because it hangs on the edge of the container.


Scientific name             Lysimachia nummularia

Common name              Creeping Jenny

Plant type                     Perennial plant

Sun required                 Full Sun to partial shade

Flower color                  Yellow

Bloom time                   Summer

Soil                              Well-drained

Soil PH                         5.0- 7.5

Zone                             2-10

Creeping Jenny

Growing Golden Creeping Jenny

Location and soil

‘Aurea’  likes to the moist and well-drained soil. Many times it is also found along the banks of the river where the soil is wet. This plant grows best in full sun to partial shade. When its leaves come in contact with the sun, its color becomes greenish; Golden yellow in full sun and in partial shade it becomes chartreuse green color.

Propagation Creeping Jenny

This plant has flexibility, which makes it easier to crawl. These plants are self-seed,  because of which the plants grow easily by the seeds and rhizomes, it also spreads the roots easily in water. To make new plants, separate a portion of its and plant it elsewhere. This plant can be expanded easily by dividing.

Golden Creeping Jenny flowers

Its flowers are single, bright yellow, and shaped like cups, its flowers are sometimes produced in leaf axils. Flowers have 5 petals and black red gland dots. Plants start from summer to fall, although these varieties do not bloom constantly. Since the color of the flowers is not much different than its leaves, they are not as very different from the green species. Its seed capsules are not easily made, so “Aurea” does not spread easily through seeds.

Creeping jenny 

How to grow Creeping Jenny in the pot

Although MoneyWart is considered an aggressive plant, it’s golden and ‘Auria’ varieties are not aggressive in the form of green color. If you put it in a container or hanging basket, then you need to be alert, when you dump it when the growing season is over, it can regrow itself like a wild plant, and it can ground cover quickly. However, if you take care, this is a best ornamental plant. Read more

Golden Creeping Jenny ‘Aurea’ Care

  • It is rather shallow-rooted plants, so it is quite easy to dig and can be easily separated from unwanted areas.
  • Give it water regularly, it performs very well.
  • This flourishes well in the damp soil, It cannot survive by covering other lands.
  • Due to wandering stems, it is necessary to sort it out.
  • Creeping Jenny is usually insect and disease free. Although slugs attack the leaves in some places, if the number is too much, they destroy the entire plant and the plants seem to be crappy, but they usually survive.

Thank you so much and happy gardening.

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