How to Grow Cluster Beans | Growing Cluster beans | Guar care

How to Grow Cluster Beans | Growing Cluster beans | Guar care

Cluster Beans (Guar)

Cluster Beans are easy to grow in balconies and containers. They are easy to germinate and come enthusiastically, they can be sown directly on the ground also. Cluster beans like very much a little acidic, well-drained,  sandy or loamy soil. This popular vegetable sown everywhere in India, it is also called guar beans. This is a good harvest to grow in the summer.  Learn Growing Cluster Beans, How to grow Cluster Beans in the container, Cluster Beans (Guar) care, Pest problem of guar, and more about plants in this article.

The Cluster beans plant is very popular in the Indian subcontinent due to its unique flavor and nutrients, it is native to India. Guar or cluster bean (Cyamopsis tetragonolob) is an annual legume, the young seed pods are used for vegetable and mature seeds to make guar gum,  Guar gum is used in petroleum, textile, and mining. it is also known as Gavar, Guwar, or Guvar Beans. You can use it in place of French beans and long yard beans.

Cluster Beans plant

Cluster beans plants habit

Cluster beans plant height is around 1-2 meters, its leaves are oval and an upright plant with branches. Flowers are blue, pink, yellow, and white colors in the flakes. It creates thin and shiny seedpods of green color that is in the cluster, which is why it is called cluster beans.


Scientific name            Cyamopsis tetragonolob

Common name              Guar

Plant type                     Vegetable plant

Sun required                 Full Sun to partial shade

Soil                              Well-drained, fertile soil

Soil PH                         7-8.5

Zone                             10-11

Popular names in India

Cyamopsis tetragonoloba is known in Guar in Hindi, Goru Chikkudu in Telugu, Guar-di-phalli in Punjab, Gawar in Maharashtra, Guwar phalli in Gujarat and Gawar ki phalli in Rajasthan.

Cluster Beans farming

Growing Cluster Beans

Cluster beans plant can be easily installed in the container. As soon as other beans are planted it is also planted. You can buy high-quality seeds online or from a nursery. The bean has a long taproot, which is not a good idea to implant it, so you can put it directly at the desired location. Loosen the ground where you want to plant it, Enrich the soil with plenty of compost, and remove the surrounding weed. Keep in mind that the soil should be well-drained. Sow seeds 1 to 1.5 inches deep and cover with light soil. Its seeds will germinate in a few days. Thin planting 6 inches apart is good for this.


Sow seeds are sown by the transmitted method,  Its early crop is sown from February and March but the time for the main harvesting season starts in June or in July when the monsoon starts. Anyway, it is also sown in September and October.

Soil and location

Cyamopsis tetragonolob can be easily grown in many types of soil. Cluster beans thrive perfectly on well-drained, sandy loam and loamy soil. For this, heavy and waterlogging soil damages the plants. It does not grow well in Saline and alkaline soils. For this, soil pH 7 to good. Read more.

Proper climate for Cluster Beans

Cluster Beans are a tropical vegetable plant, so it grows well in warm environments. The proper temperature for germination of its crop is 30 to 35 degrees Celsius, while the temperature at 38 degrees Celsius gives proper growth to the crop. These plants can tolerate high temperatures of 45 degrees also. This is a photosensitive and uncertain crop.


Cyamopsis tetragonolob plants prefer moisture, hence require enough water during planting and growing season. Lack of water can cause delayed maturation. It is a drought-tolerant crop, so you can grow it easily in areas of 300-400 mm annual rainfall. There should be a good drainage system for its plant, waterlogging can cause damage to the crop. Drip irrigation can be used for more productivity.


Feed 10-10-10 balanced fertilizer after one month of planting, if there are signs of lack of phosphorus in soil testing, then you can also use single super phosphate fertilizer.


Seeds are the easiest way to propagate it.

How to grow Cluster Beans in the container

To grow the cluster beans plant also in the container, you can adopt the above planting process, but check the drainage hole on its surface before planting it in the pot.

Cluster Beans (Guar) care

Guar plants are very drought-tolerant and prefer the presence of the full sun, though it is susceptible to frost. The plant works regularly and with a little rain, but extra water is required during the growing season and maturity.

Because Cyamopsis tetragonoloba is a Kharif crop, due to which many types of weeds grow automatically around the crop, and compete with the main plant for nutrients, and humidity, so it is necessary to remove them.

Pest problem of guar

  • Plants are also susceptible to various types of pests. Generally, it is difficult to have leafhopper, Ash weevils, and Pod Borer. In different ways, you can control it easily.
  • Bacterial blight in the cluster bean plant is a disease caused by bacteria, this disease is mostly on the surface of the leaves during the Kharif season crop.
  • Alternaria leaf spot is a fungal disease, due to which the leaves of the plant appear dark brown spots.
  • Anthracnose causes black spots to appear on leaves, stomach, and stem.
  • Powdery mildew is a common fungal disease, due to which the leaf surface looks like white powder. read more.

Mature pods of Cluster Beans


Beans are surrounded together in a fertile cluster beans plant and all strut around all the stem. Your plant produces a lot for at least 3 months. Flowers begin to plant 1 to 1.5 months after planting. It takes about 2 to 2.5 months to get pods from flowers. If there is a crop for vegetable, do not let it mature enough, and if it wants to make seeds, then the pods will dry on the trees.

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Happy gardening.

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