Chicken masala  Recipe | How to make Chicken masala

Chicken masala Recipe | How to make Chicken masala

Chicken masala (chicken gravy)

How to make Chicken masala, chicken gravy masala.  it is traditionally a very popular non-vegetarian recipe in Uttar Pradesh, we have brought this aromatic, spicy, and tender chicken to you. It is absolutely right to welcome special occasions and guests. If you want to make an Indian restaurant like spicy and tasty, then you follow these steps. It tastes very intense because it cooks in an intense masala paste, garlic, onion, and tomato. You can serve it with rice or roti, naan.

Chicken masala recipes are made in 3 ways, dry masala, semi-dry masala, gravy dish masala. Here we are making gravy dish masala chicken. You need to add coconut milk, hot water, or curd to make gravy in it. You can also add cashew paste or coconut paste to make rich gravy.  learn How To Make Chicken masala, chicken gravy in this article.

Preparation time                  10 minute

Cooking time                        25-30 minutes

Serve                                     06

Difficulty level                      Medium

Chicken masala

Ingredients for Chicken masala

Chicken                                                 01 kg Washed and dry chicken

Onion                                                     250 grams (finely chopped )

Tomato                                                  5-6 (Finely chopped)

Green chili                                            6-8

Coriander powder                               02tbsp

Red chili powder                                  02tsp

Turmeric Powder                                 01tsp

Garlic                                                     100 grams

Ginger                                                    50 grams

Yogurt                                                    100 grams

Chicken masala                                  01tbsp

Cumin seeds                                        1tsp

Cinnamon                                             1.5 inch stick

Green cardamoms                              5-6

Cloves                                                   5-6

Poppy seeds                                        2tsp

Cooking Oil                                           250 grams

Coriander leaves                                 01 cups finely chopped

Curry leaves                                         10-12 leaves

Salt                                                         as needed

Water                                                     3-4 cups

Chicken masala

Preparation for Chicken masala recipe

  • First of all, take the ginger, green chili, and garlic according to the amount written above and make a paste, keep aside.
  • Chicken masala is the most delicious popular recipes. The materials used in it are easily available in the market. It is very easy to prepare, let us prepare this wonderful dish at home, like that of a restaurant.
  • Put the chicken in a hot water for a while with a pinch of salt and it will reduce the time of cooked chicken and pieces will become soft and tender.
  • Clean and rinse pieces of chicken and keep it aside.

How to make Chicken masala (Chicken gravy masala)

  • Prepare a thick paste with garlic, green chilies, cumin seeds, black pepper, poppy seeds, cinnamon, and ginger with small water. Make a paste with coriander powder, turmeric powder, chili powder in 1/2 cup water keep aside.
  • Add oil in the pressure cooker and heat it. Add finely chopped onion to it and fry until golden brown.
  • Then add curry leaves salt and chicken masala in it, now add a ready-made paste of ginger-garlic and stir for about three minutes. Now add coriander, chili, turmeric powder paste, and stir well, now add pieces of chicken and fry for about five minutes.
  • Now add chopped tomatoes, add about 3 cups of water and cook for about 10-15 minutes. When the chicken starts to tender, add curd to it and cook in medium flame for 5 to 7 minutes. Now mix chopped coriander leaves and closes the flame.
  • Your Chicken masala recipe (chicken gravy masala) is ready, hot serve it with butter naan or rice. Read more.

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